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OP. . . Fancy degrees don't make you as smart as they do pompous.

You think posting a thread like this in a tiny little game forum is going to make a any difference?

You think the devs are going to read this thread and be like, "Well shoot son! You're absolutely right! Thank you for saving our game from certain demise! We'll make our game "less grindy" for the betterment of the gaming industry, and the world at large! We will herald a new movment in humanity and for gamers everywhere! HUZAAAAAH!"

Good luck with that bro!

Other than an article from Digital Trends magazine, you're arguments have no references to substantiate them.

Sounds to me like you're just bummed about the grind, and one day found an article that may give you a percieved leg to stand on. But, that leg is made of wet newspaper.

I'm not saying your wrong in your assessment of gaming addiction, and the reasoning behind it. I will also add that I do not appreciate the direction games are going -- even the F2P games... which is actually the new world model for gaming. Dev companies stand to make cash hand over fist with an F2P model rather than the old way. So, as long as that is driving the profit margin up - it will never change.

If you really are that altruistic and not just whining about the grind then perhaps you should be pandering this discussion in places that might inspire a bigger audience, or even the developers themselves. Posting this argument here is futile at best.

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