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"currently you can only use em on T4 ships . . . "

Sorry friend, but that is incorrect smile

You can start using the Officer Briefings at Tier 3. (I know because I am messing around with my T3 officer mods in the middle of typing this post.)

Just in case there's someone reading this who hasn't yet reached tier 3, or is curious. . . (I didn't get it at first either.). . .

The Officer Briefings tab, (In your Loadout screen,to the right of your Modules tab.) has slots where you outfit your ships with officer modules. Officer modules give slight passive/active bonuses to your ship, and become more varied as you progress through the ship tree.

Starting with T3, you will notice that the Officer Briefings are no longer locked. You will start with a default set, and they will be named: Communications 101, Weapons 101 etc. . . These will be available for any ship you unlock from T3 and above.

However! If you want to get the the officer module upgrades you must unlock them in a specific ship's tech tree. They can be viewed in the secondary weapon tree, at the very bottom. You can look at each ship's tree, even if you haven't unlocked it, by selecting the ship from the Tech Tree. Then select the desired ship from the tree. In the purchase screen UI at the top right corner (across from the ship name) select the tech tree icon.

The first set of officer modules can be unlocked using the following T3 ships:

Jupiter Arms: Machias (Corvette), Palos (Tactical)

Akula Vector: Chernobog (Dreadnought), Dola (Destroyer)

Once you've unlocked an officer module it will be available to equip on any of your ships ranked T3 and above.

I hope that helps!


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"I will admit I was on the fence about this when the post first started. I have seen some people play Tier 2 ships well and do well in Veteran. The problem is while they can do well if there is any T4 corvette or Art cruiser they will get killed ....ALOT. Many of us joke about team balance right now because we see more Tier 4 ships out there and some Tier 4 ship modules seem overpowered when they are used on a Tier 2. I think removing Tier 2 would be the better of the two options. The other option is to remove tier 4 which would mean you get to play with Tier 5's when you get a Tier 4 ship something that I am not really looking forward to doing right now.

One thing I would point out if you enter the queue for recruit and have a Tier 1 ship you will never enter veteran.

Wow I had to go to page 3 to find this....lets keep this going I hope the developers will comment on this at some point.


. . . this ^^

Dattebayo--I thought this too, and have T1/T2 in my Recruit fleet -- yet still.... and I just confirmed this does happen with a GM on Discord.

I notice it largely at night during off peak hrs, So, I assume it has to do with low payer pop and them wanting to keep people from waiting too long in the queue.

Better ui will only establish a higher level of playing. And according to your logic, if you crave a challenge then shouldn't you favor playing in higher Tiers to match your own? Why do you insist that it's okay to troll lower level players?

I've seen a few of your posts and they all boast the same, "get gud" attitude which is not helping anyone out. Not everyone can spend the time to get to that level in that amount of time.

And to Power Junkie--it's not really about bad MM--but just keeping T1/T2 separate from T3-T5. Which there are plenty of players to do effectively.

There is more than one type of player here, and "Get over it" again is nothing short of selfish and shortsighted. In order to attract a larger player base there needs to be consideration of all types of gamers, Not just the L33T hardcore players.

No man--I queue up for recruit and get thrown into veteran all the time--against T3/T4. The current matchmaking system overrides the division because there aren't enough players in the queue. And helpful UI will not hurt the game, it will only increase the level of playing and increase the effectiveness of team work. Which even you agree is crucial to being able to take down the enemy team.

I've seen some of your posts and they all have the same tone, "The game is fine, get gud!" which is not community minded and excludes everyone who disagrees with you. Not everyone can spend the time to get to half way to legendary in the same time frame.

I don't understand why you think it's okay to mix them up. If you're halfway to legendary and love the challenge than shouldn't you be playing against higher tiers, instead of promoting trolling of newer members in their comparatively underpowered ships?

You point of view/attitude is the antithesis of community building and only serves your own selfish need to feel like the big man. (a.k.a. troll)

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"You are missing my point. My point is if you have 5 classes and only 1 of them needs "education" to show how "not OP" it is, then that in and of itself shows something is out of balance. The fact that only 1 of these classes needs multiple guides on the internet to try to prove it's not OP, then it is.

I am not in favor of, nor did I suggest removing Corvette's from the game. Personally I think they need to be reworked into a Skirmisher role where they harass and hit and run. Less burst damage and maybe more speed/escape. Like Lights in every other similar game. Currently they are Assassins, and pretty equally effective against all other classes. You are correct we do need them, but we need them to be in a narrower role similar all the other classes. "


To add to this, if only one particular ship is able to effectively counter a ship that can kill all the other ships in the blink of an eye something ain't right. Mainly because it narrows things down to, "Oh dang the enemy team has 3 'vettes, guess I can't fly my XXXX ship and have to pull a tactical." And with that logic, in theory, it limits players to their choice of playable ships simply because of 1 ship line. That is not balanced if 1 type of ship is going to pigeon hole players into using only 1 ship to effectively counter it.

Don't get me wrong I don't think they need to be nerfed into oblivion. I have countered them in my T2's. But most often they wtfpwn me popping up out of thin air (I watch the map and my surrounding like a hawk.) and end up carrying their team. I can only speak of lower tiers because I haven't reached T3 yet. Which also speaks loudly about the new player experience--which is probably THE most important thing the devs should be focused on if they want to retain a proper player base.

Keep the 'vettes they are fun. But they need to be tweaked a bit to be better countered by all ships.

No H_rabbit {Stupid profanity filter won't let me type the first part of your name :/ ) that's not the case---I queue up for recruit matches in T1/T2 ships and end up pitted against T3/T4. Another thing you aren't taking into consideration is the new player's experience.

The UI is not conducive to easy quick coordination, and the minimap isn't the greatest. Most people new on the battlefield are still trying to get heir bearings. There's a lot going on and it can be very disorienting. Which is why it's so easy for veteran players to steamroll them.

I may be more aware, and will be looking behind me, I see that corvette hunting us and tag him, type in chat to look behind us, and watch him approach me. I end up getting wtfpwnd even though I've started firing on him before he's in range to shoot me... he kills me before I can get enough dps on him to take him out. The rest of my team is clueless because the chat message popped up and disappeared in an instant while they were focused on their tasks at hand. Even when someone tags a target we have no idea where that is.

I feel that there could be better UI and better communication tools to keep the team more cohesive. (ex: When an enemy is tagged they light up on the minimap with an indicator.)Maybe even some tutorials about team play and how to make the UI work for you in that regard.

Essentially though the devs need to do something to improve the new player experience if they want to retain players. In addition your "get gud dude" argument is only alienating would be players and not at all conducive to building a community. Your just puffing out your chest and looking for a reason to keep your troll farm on. I don't understand that mentality, you're only shooting yourself in the foot by driving people away from the game. If you enjoy this game, then wouldn't you want new payers to have fun and not leave?

T1 and T2 needs to have a clear separation from the other tiers and perhaps just let go of the Recruit/Veteran/Legendary thing. They aren't taking into consideration the player base may not be big enough to accommodate the current MM system.

Yes! It would only encourage a more cohesive team environment. Currently I see too many corvettes and not enough tacticals. Everyone want the kills and no one cares about support.

HellRabbit I see your point, and in theory you are right. But the newer players are just getting their bearings and figuring the game out. The team work part of things is largely non-existent in the beginning, there's a lot going on and it can be disorienting. So it's easy for higher tier players to take advantage of that and get the jump.

So the "get gud" argument you're using is not only offensive and arrogant, but useless in this scenario. It suggest you are unwilling to look at things from another's perspective, and just like trolling noobs. Not that you are that type, but it doesn't help anyone.

Perhaps a better tutorial and some in game UI functions that will encourage team play and easy communication could be implemented. Also a better and more detailed minimap would be nice to help with situational awareness.

Ultimately if those things won't be implemented I say it's better to separate tiers 1 & 2 from the rest to allow newer players to get better acquainted with how things work before being pitted against vets.

I mean what could the harm be? You miss out on some easy farming? You want the game to stay alive because it's fun, but your attitude is not only preventing newer players from feeling included, but it's the antithesis of promoting the game's longevity.

Better matchmaking and more finite tier separation is a good thing and will keep newer players from wanting to uninstall due to bad experiences.

I just started playing today and progressed to T2, had some great fun until I was put into matches against mostly T3/T4. I was being tactical and not leeroying, I was watching my back for the sneaky corvettes. I was spotting for the team and doing all the stuff a good team player should. But to no avail I was getting pwnd to dust and coming out on the bottom of most matches.

If you have to have a tier system this is not the way. It made me very wary as I've been bitten before by fun games that become a drag because of stuff like this--that pay wall is so obvious! (Someone mentioned Star Conflict--made me so bitter that game, what a mess!)

It definitely made me take a step back and have second thoughts about investing my time and possible funds into the game. I guess time will tell if the devs make this into a cash cow money grab or have a real interest in producing a well balanced game centered around their community.