I don't usually have a problem finding Legendary matches in the evening in Europe. 8-10pm gmt sort of time. Sometimes there's a wait of a minute or two.

What time are you trying?

Regarding the hero ship pricing, it's by tier, iirc. T2s cost 1000, T4s cost 3000.

It was bugged so that it boosted you less than the T4 version. Understandably a bit of a let down when you've spent that much xp/credits.

Hmm, I can probably live with that. I'll give it a try.

Much obliged!

Before I drop 90k credits on it, can someone tell me if it's still bugged?

random doublepost. sorry...

If you buy a skin bundle in the market, it works for all ships. The price is accordingly higher.

If you buy a single skin for one ship under that ship's appearance tab, it only works on that ship line and is cheaper.

PS4? Servers are down for an hour to turn on the XP bonus event.

Of course, they had to announce this just as I've finished grinding every T3 to T4...

There is no region lock anymore, unless they reinstituted it with the latest update.

I have no problem getting Veteran games, but yes, Legendary seems thinner on the ground now. Though they still happen often enough.

Perhaps your time zone is the problem? NA and EU people not awake when you're playing?