I've been having similar thoughts. Usually we get at least one bot per team as it is, so as good as 8v8 sounds I do wonder how well it's going to work.

Forwards and sideways. I can't really imagine using the Blud without it as it's so slow.

And to answer the original question: neither, they're both awful.

Sorry, just to confirm then, EM V is fixed on PC but still bugged on PS4?

Just on PC, or PS4 too?

I don't remember seeing it in the patch notes.

Hopefully it'll be fixed in the imminent update. I have it researched On all 3 destroyers and the credits waiting to be spent, just waiting for some patch note confirmation before I press purchase!

As above, why is a lower ROF but a ton more damage a bad thing? I don't quite understand.

The Gora's an absolute brute and it's slow, powerful fire rather suits it, I think.

Disrupt + drain and the healball is no more.

Agreed on artie pods. Those things are ridiculous, it's like having two personal impossible to hit Murometzs riding shotgun with you.

In order to beat the cheap corvette tactics...

I must become the cheap corvettes tactics.

[\batman voice]

Cheers guys.

The range on the Dola's guns is huge, just keep your distance and you can easily plug away at a dread without them hitting you. But yes, as mentioned above, it is pretty much the worst destroyer. The Blud, however, that's a whole other story...

Good tips, I hadn't thought so much of the defensive modules. Thanks guys, I'll keep trying.