I have struggled to be patient with Dread's few ups and many, MANY downs...
From the rampent Bugs, the unrequested and unnecessary game changes, poor monitization/retention, and of course, the lack of expansion content and Lore content...

I love this game and have defended it, promoted it and stood by it...

I sat through the Steam debacle, the Rupture and super vette nonesnse, and weathered the black and blue screen bug storms that raveged PS4... sometimes for weeks!!!

The saving grace of the game was the awesome design and engine Jeager made, the backstory, and the long awaited 8v8 battles!

8v8! the way the game was meant to be played!

on PS4, the leg que times during prime time have been stable for almost a year at 4-7 minutes, which is respectable for all PS4 games save 2 very popular ones! even brand new games have a 5+ minute wait!

Going to 5v5 is a serious MISTAKE!

it's a step backward, an insult to all the patience we've put in the game, and enables extreme bullying!
Now instead of killing 8 players once or twice a match... i kill 2-3 playes 10 times a piece...

It's tactically stale and much more adversely affected by bots and disconnects...

Think quality over Quantity!
If the game pop is waining, the die hards would rather wait 2-3 extra minutes to get a GOOD match... than to have worse quailty matches slightly more often, that return the game back to a state players were anxious to leave behind!

The PS4 meta was stable... so were que times... NOW THIS!!!

I've searched these foums, twitter and dread chat extensively and have not found ANY PS4 player that requested this change...

another arbitrary change to the game that ignored the player and fan base, and makes the game worse, ending up in even lower player pop!

This is another in a LONG line of bad decisions that have contributed to this games inevitable failure.

and it makes me very sad... and makes me feel like i've wasted a lot of time and love!


After the restart today, PS4 onslaught is only 4v4.

Is this intentional?

The overwhelming opinion amongst the PS4 player base is that this isn't good.

We are attempting to only Que TDM, as it's rumored to be 8v8, but I haven't confirmed yet...

Hopefully this is just a bug?

Thanks and kind regards,



Since 10/10/19 PS4 game stability has been gradually deteriorating, but 10/12/19 it is really bad.

On 10/10, "No Ship Selection" and "No Reward" bugs have returned but were intermittent.

On 10/11, both bugs became more frequent than not.

On 10/12, No Ship Select and No Reward bugs happened almost every match...
But now Black Screen Bug has returned and affects most matches and players!

Submitted several tickets, but thought reaching out here would be better than submitting more...

*Also many times bots get "stuck" motionless in their spawn until destroyed, especially on Red Sands and Amirani.

It's a shame as PS4 has been stable for months...

Thank you for your help!

-Math and Dread-Chat

the sound glitching is almost unplayable... like max headroom having a siezure...

everything was stable when the ambient engine noise was deleted!

i'm almost positive it's the ambient engine noise causing the issue!

just go ahead and delete that code already... it's bad, and more trouble than it's worth.

this is NOT the time to have what few players are left not play because the sound bugs give us headaches (they are THAT bad)

please don't alienate the hard core fan base because a few newbies want ambient engine noise!

yes, after the new patch the hanger looks like the after hours party bathroom from an 80s punk concert!

Agree Skyraider...

many ships are overpriced...

many PS4 players expressed that they would buy the skins seperately if they were cheaper, or the hero ships if they weren't 3,000 GP.

with unlimited supply, since digital products are post scarcity, selling more at a cheaper price is better than selling nothing at a high price!

I'd pay it!

but if it can be done for cheaper all the better!

I appreciate the new patch... and I'm glad we finally have new market items, and that Winter items from 6 months ago are no longer "featured"...

But I don't want a pot of gold rainbow or a pink ship!!!

I want those Retrofit skins GB leaked!!!


At 1,500 GP the retofits were AWESOME and a BARGAIN!

The Ps4 community grumbles at having to buy hero ship skins for 3,000 GD, when we don't even play the hero ships...
Our builds are better, thank you!

Lets see those great retros in the market, and watch them fly off the shelves!!! (digital shelves anyway lol).

And while we're at it, lets sell just the hero ship skins without the hero ship, paint job, emblems, etc.
FOR 50% off!!!!

players want the skins... not a tier 2-4 ship with a sub optimal build.

All the paint jobs and emblems are available seperately anyway!!! Why not the skins too!

Dreadnought is past the "cash grab" phase... it's time to give back to the die hard fans! (and make a buck too)

A LOT of PS4 players want the old hanger back!

It had ammo trucks, trains, space ships in the background, flying strike craft, moving bridges... and intercom chatter!!!!

If you are worried about the main screen, simply replace the current "gettoe ally dark" main screen hanger image with a siilar angle stationary shot from the beta hanger!

The thing is already coded... this CAN'T be that hard!!!

I'd rather pay $30+ bucks for the beta hanger and its awesome lighting and interesting background action then pay a similar amount for the Pheonix or Hammerhead!

Personally I liked the PS4 beta hanger best and wished we could purchase it as a vanity item.

But the changes to LOD for the emblems/icons has made the ambient lighting of the hanger FAR too dark.

The crew and personael at the bottom of the hanger are just black siluettes.

The ship colors are faded and dark, making my ships look like garbage...

The cranes and equipment look almost totally black.

IS this right???

If so this is a bad idea...