I play from Korea, so if you join the beta you can play right away.

I am pretty sure it will reset. That's why I stop playing cause I will never get my monarch in time with the grinding left. So I will resume in open beta.

Is it scheduled for 2017? Cause it's pretty annoying to say the least. Thanks.

I am playing Jutland at the moment and I have checked the Monarch progression tree and it seems there are no officer briefings to unlock there. Does it mean they are completely removed or they have another mechanic? Thanks.

What and where are they? Cause it says in the email they are available in-game but I can't find any when I log in. Thanks.

Edit: Ah ok, found them thanks. You can delete this thread.

I literally have to sign in twice in order to play the game. And sometimes, login in the launcher, the game won't start. So I have to do it three times to play! Please fix this or at least bring it back as it was before. Thanks.

I thought the philosophy behind dreadnought development was to be a free game offering some cosmetic microtransactions. But it turns out the repair costs being what they are, you have to use real money in order to buy modules from rank 4 cause it's just too expensive and you lose too much coins in repairs.

Repairs should at least be halved in order for the free model to be sustainable. If not, it will be just a pay to win game like many others already on the market.

The sound being kept from match to hangar is still there. It hasn't been fixed since alpha and it's quite annoying especially when the sound carried over is loud (aka tactical cruiser laser beam). Thanks for looking into it before release.

As well, sounds still tend to become filled with entropy and glitches the more it goes during a match and the cause is still the same, the sound system in the game doesn't process tracks with enough compressing. Better management would be a plus.

Adavanter#2016 posted (#post-116613)

New comers. It's like when they tell us... it's a beta these things take time. Meanwhile the veterans are like. It's been one year and four months. Tell me again... does it take time? smile

They all mean well. Besides I guess it helps reinforce the need for any sort of action...

Hey Adavanter, it's nice to see an old face in this forum. I thought everyone had left XD

This is an unfair situation to have to pay repairs when joining a match that the one who left before us was losing. It's either we leave ourselves right away and lose 2000 coins or we play anyway to lose a bit less but to have 10 minutes of boring game experience. At least, consider not taxing the new comers for repairs. Thanks.