It seems when you play multiplayer, you can choose any ship you want in the lobby. I suspect the single player experience to be more like RPG style in which you choose a ship at the beginning and then you grow your hangar of ships with experience gained.

But will there be a crossover between these two worlds? Like will there be some deathmatch mode in which you are only allowed to use the ships you got in single player? Or are they complete different things?


Dark_Fox_#1657 posted (#post-1144)

The ship sizes change quite a bit between the different classes. These are the five ships from PAX. The Zmey Dreadnought is our biggest Dreadnought currently.

The fighter jets should be added there XD

Plasma ram cause it's back to being a kid watching Captain Harlock's Arcadia destroying ships with its ram.

I do like the latest dreadnought heavy plasma cannons too.

Thank you for the detailed post Stiefel.

I would have a follow up question about weapon customization. Will it be possible to change the color of the rays and beams as well? Like on pax east, you introduced a new Dreadnought, I guess it is the medium type class cause it has 60k hull points whereas the heavy got 80k and the light 45k. It has awesome plasma cannons. Will it be possible to make the plasma red instead of the light blue color shown in the video?


I am all for a founders pack as well. Even though Yagers wants a free to play model to make people pay for decals or paint jobs later, I think some of us already know they will be spending a big amount of time in this game and as such, we should get the opportunity to invest in its development.

So it's a 'no escape' battlefield. I like that :)

I have a question about the power management system.

Will it be possible to bind each choice (weapons,speed,shield or nothing) on a separate key without having to use the toggle?

I have two concerns about this. First. it is a waste of time to have to toggle and then choose. Secondly. it will be even more cumbersome on a gamepad like the xbox 360 cause the 4 choices could be directly bound to the directional pad just like in Elite Dangerous. Thanks.