Thank you for your reply DN_DivumVexillum. I like your game. Just came back. Would be nice if we wouldn't have to login at all anymore thanks!

Since the latest patch, I have to enter my email and password when the launcher appears and then login again once the game has started. It's kind of ridiculous. Can you fix this? As well, it would be nice if once we have entered our credentials, they would be kept by the launcher and we don't have to bother anymore. Thanks.

This is an irony of course. I am currently playing a Jutland cause I want to get to my lovely Monarch again, as in every single alpha (I wish I could get it right away). But as the Jutland is such a bad ship having the least effective primary weapon and a starter set of abilities completely outmatched by other more advanced tier 4 players, I am struggling really bad to even unlock abilities to get to my favorite ship.

In other words, the grind is far too steep at the moment. And I am not even talking about repair costs which are really really too much and can be demoralizing when you lose match after match.

From the time I played last time until today when I restarted the game, I lost something like 2000 credits. I think there is a bug with the credits. It's not about repair cost. There is something else.

I am talking about my experience as it is since I came back.

If you guys are so cynical about this game, you should simply play something else maybe.

I just uninstalled another multiplayer game which I paid 89$ and it turned out to be real messy and bad altogether (p2p connection for an online fighting game, seriously... I am not even talking about matchmaking, cause there it's just super bad!)

Dreadnought is such an awesome stable game in comparison. And it's free.

Hello captains,

it had been months since I had played Dreadnought the last time and I must say I am impressed by the improvements that have been made.

The progression system is much better than when I left it (right after 2.0 was launched).

The lag is almost entirely gone. It used to be a big problem for me before. Now I can enjoy the graphics and the visuals without getting FPS drops all over the place.

The new maps are gorgeous.

The community is still nice and respectful which is a much better atmosphere than a recent multiplayer online game I won't name here I started to play recently (and uninstalled as a matter of fact).

The overall experience is pretty enjoyable so kudos to Yager, you are going to the right direction with this game.

Hi, I encountered a bug today. After writing something in the chat, it got stuck on my window and then there was no way for me to move, to shoot or use any abilities until the end of the match. I was basically stuck and could only look around and even zoom in but that was it. It's the first time it happens to me.

Hello everyone, I have found a good workaround for those like me who want to play dreadnought with a xbox controller but can't use the energy management well because it's not properly implemented yet.

The idea here to to bind unused buttons to the F1-F4 keys so the access to the proper resource is fast.

First step: download JoyToKey 5.9 on the internet and start it on your desktop.

Once it is up, create a new profile, mine is called dreadnought and then assign Button 9 to F1, POV: (arrow up) to F2, Button 10 to F3 and Button 7 to F4.

What you will basically get is the speed boost on the left analog stick which you use ingame to move your ship around, the shieds on the DPAD upper key (not used for anything), the weapon boost on the right analog stick which you use to aim and the cancel button to the back button (not used either).

It works like a charm for me and I hope it will help you captains.

Hello there, I just came back to the game and while the default keys have been more wisely assigned, I can't find the way to use shields or speed boost. How is it done with a xbox one controller? How can I bring the energy management wheel with my controller? Thanks.

I hope improvements will be made to stability in the open beta. It's too laggy in match at the moment.