It takes too long to get the ships we want, especially if it's the monarch. This grinding has to stop. I don't want to play a multiplayer online shooter with so much grind. It's da-mn frustrating to be stuck with ships we don't like and we don't care about for ages. At least, we should be able to start with the ship we really want, having a certain time to try them all before that and then grind for the less important ones if you absolutely want to keep this progression system as it is. But please give us something worth from the beginning.

Repair costs are just too much as well. Seriously, how did it end up to that?

PS: 'Da-mn is an invalid word? Seriously?

I think they should get a consultant from Respawn Entertainment. They have missed something in the coding of their game. Titanfall 2 runs super smoothly with the highest settings. Dreadnought is just too laggy. I think I will uninstall and wait for release to see if things have improved by then.

The more I stay in game, the louder a very annoying engine sound become and remains with anything I do, being in a match or in the hangar. The only way to make it go is by exiting the game and coming back. It's very annoying and I hope it will be looked into.

There is no explanation text whatsoever about what the abilities do. How are the new players supposed to understand what they do? For instance, I have triad pods and endurance mode on the trident and I have no idea what they do and nowhere to find out ingame.

What happened to heavy dreadnought primary weapon? Just tried the trident in a training match and unless it was buggy as he-ll, the primary weapon is useless. The secondary does at least twice the damage the primary does. It's just ridiculous. And what happened to the fire rate as well? Is it the trident which has the lowest fire rate of the universe?

Sorry Yager, I like your game but I am not ready to wait 10 to 20 minutes to get into a match when I can just go play Titanfall 2 and get 30 seconds wait instead. So hope you will have a good feedback from your stress test anyway but I value my gaming time better than a fanboyish dedication like you are asking of me.

Then how do I buy the ship? Cause when I am visualizing the tree with the abilities and the next ship at the bottom, if I click on it, it just opens another tree...

Thankfully it's a beta so even if I wasted resources on things I didn't need, hopefully there will be a tutorial on this for new comers on release.

I don't get it really. It's confusing and not well detailed. There are too many different types of XPs to deal with in the first place and we don't know if we have to buy all the entries of the ship tree in order to get the one in the next tier or just one branch. As well, if I want the monarch, what is the most direct way to get there? Could you add a UI tool to highlight all the steps we need to take in order to buy the ship we really want? Thank you.

This progression system needs some refining cause at the moment, I just don't get much how it works.

So when I started the game with the new patch, all my fonts were super low res and I just didn't know that happened there. So I checked graphic details and it seemed alright. The resolution was good and the quality was epic. But there was one thing that wasn't right in fact: the game was set to windowed. When I chose full screen, the fonts came back to normal.

As a side note, I just don't get the new progression system much. It looks messy and unclear in many ways. It needs some refining cause at the moment, it's a giant mess.

Ok I just tried a match with all epic graphics and the fonts are just low res and it's painful to the eyes. So as long as the crispy ones we had before the patch are not back in, I won't play the game anymore. This is definitely not what I am expecting from a AAA game.