I'm putting this forward so soon after my last post cause I'm getting more and more people from teh community who keep discussing this.

I really want to support this game. I really do. I want to buy heroships, I want to kit out my ships and make them look unique to me. I have many friends that feel the same, but I can't justify dropping that much money on t4 ships, when I could buy a full game elsewhere.

Most the the prices are fine (In my opinion) Doesnt coast much to buy a t2 hership, or a shin, or an ornament. Those are okay.

Dropping 36 dolars on a single cosmetic is not. Maybe Ive been spoiled by many other multiplayer F2P games like league of legends or warframe. If I wanna buya skin, its on average 5-10 dollars. Just to change wwhat it looks like. Thats fair. Doesnt force me out of pocket.

All in all. I badly wanna supprtthis game, but the things I want, and many others, are just... so expensive.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

DN_EmptyTuxedo#3505 posted (#post-226914) said:

Thanks for the report captain, we'll investigate! Did setting window scaling to 100% like @Jawayne suggested alleviate the issue? That may give us more info to resolve this.

Yes, My scaling is at 100% after a few clicked, the toolbar on my screen shows up and smushes my game to the right bleedign in onto my other monitor

Okay, so this issue has been bugging me badly since last year.

THis game bleeds onto my other minotor if I use borderless windowed, making it completely unusable.

If Borderless windowd works for some rason, if I click where my desktop tool bar is set, it'll lcik on that and tab me out, making that side of the screen unclickable in game. No shooting.

I have found a fix for this issue, but its frutrating that I have to do this every time i load up the game.

Under graphics, set your screen to fullscreen, then apply, then set to windowed, and apply. This is effective borderless mode like this. I can't even touch the borderless mode without issues so I have to do this every time.

Would beneat if this issue could get addressed

SAD-Reclaimer#0656 posted (#post-226861) said:

Actually the prices are much lower now than during Beta. Back then a T4 hero ship was 4.000 GP compared to 3.000 GP now.

But credit where credit is due. The prices of coatings, emblems, decals and clothing have become much more reasonable and actually affordable at that.

So yeah, the hero ships are still way too expensive and offer a very bad cost-benefit ratio but for all the other cosmetics the price tags are sound. Buying these and alter the look of your ship that way will go a long way.

Ah yeah, I actually have no issues with most of the cosmetics prices. Its mostly just the t4 heroships. They arent competitive to their free counter parts, so Its likely that anyone getting them is going to just use the ship kit.

Id be happy to drop 10-15 on this, or even 20 at most (A stretch) for a bit of cosmetic chane on my ship.

Its just frustrating how high the prices seem to be

Heyo. Energy missiles need a little love.

For starters, they feels silent and non existant. Of course they arent quiet, but sometimes (A lot of the time) they are hard to distnguish in the heat of battle.

If they had a louder sound, and more feedback from the shooter, itd go a long way.

On another note thats slightly related, they should grant a small amount of points. Maybe just as much as a single tick of healing. (So 5pts of onslaught, 10 for tdmect)

It would encourage more people to use them, as many seem to only care about getting as many points as possible, without actually thinking about how to work as a team.

SO yeah. More feedback and maybe a tiny reward ffor using them would be neato.

Heya. So I know this is a touchy subject in general, but it is something I wanted to discuss.

I like htis game, I would like to support it. I'm happy to shell out a bit of money here and there to support free to play games.

But the prices for the T4 ships are unreasonable. I have had friends and allies say there cant afford to buy these things at all due to the price.

Being in New Zealand, the t4 ships are not only unviable in combat compared to their free variants, but they are an entire weeks wroth oof food money for me.

Dropping 36 dollars just for a shipkit is gartuitous. Of course, this is just opnion, and one I share with many.

I wanna spend money on this game, I really do, but those t4 ships are just too much. Too much for a shipkit.

WaveRider#4219 posted (#post-226467) said:

Agree, like the more saturated colours bit, but dislike some of the sound changes that just sound loud and dull - not crisp.

Talking of crisp, it is pretty obvious this change has moved the look more to console as the graphics seem to lack that sharp look. After playing for quite a bit I prefered the older version (the one that was optimised for the PC), this feels more like a 3rd party did a really good copy of the game but just failed to optimise it to its full potential.

Still playing - it's just like the Holy Grail that Steam was supposed to be, just didn't deliver for me.

I feel this hard. I had loads of issues with the old interface, the fact that all windows were on top of each other, the squad window was clinky and unclear on how to use and you couldnt move chat windows or anything around.

I feel like this UI has potential, its just needs some font resizing and perhaps bring back the line of shortcuts at the top of the screen?

Idk, I love this game but the UI is a nightmare to navigate.

Heya. So I've plays a bit of the steam version and checked out every menu I could manage, and I have some pretty serious concerns with some of the functionality:

-Menu Font size

Okay, so with this one, much of the font is too large. It breaks the flow of reading and doesnt make much sense for a pc monitor. My friends theory was that this was likely made primarily console players in mind, as their font size makes much more sense on a tv from across the room, but on my pc, it makes it difficult to follow the flow of writing from word to word. It's something that has been bothering me and a few of my friends too.

-Too much menu

Another player brought up that there is too much clicking involved, and he is right. before it was as simple as going from whatever you were doing, clicking a button at the top and being exactly where you wanted to be. Now Im having to find myself going back to the main menu over and over again. This is particularly irritating when trying to switch between things often, making more menu interaction than there needs to be.

-The Skins

This one came across as pretty filthy, but I understand the intention. When trying to select a new skin for my craft, I saw the new layout and expected my skins to be at the top, similar to as they were in the old interface. Now the a splattered amongst a bunch of skins I dont own, making me have to dig through just to find the few skins I do own. I presume this is so we have more real money purchase items in our face, while we try to find the skins we actually did own. If this was the intention, then I am disappointed, I'd expect this of EA or Ubi, not grey box. otherwise, I'd reccomend for the convenience of your players, filter all owned skins to the top.

-In game sound and performance

Okay, htis one I'm more willing to forgive, because i'd put it up to hiccups with moving to steam. The sounds for me and my whole squad were messed up to the max. I could barely hear my ship being shot with hails of fire, while I could hear the boost sound for my squadmates corvette from 8km away. We each had this problem.

Another issue I wanted to bring up, which is a little related, is beam weapons. They only shoot where you want to shoot half the time. Trying to hit a corvette is night impossible because the beam awkwardly jerks around whhile you aim dead on the corvette. Why not do beams like elite dangerous? But you shoot, it actually tracks your target as you aim at it. Its be nice to hit the things I'm aiming at.

-Another interface complaint relating to squads.

Ths one made no sense to me. I can click the top right corner to invite someone to the squad, but if I want to add another person, or even SEE who is in my squad, I need to back out of everythign that Im doing and go to the main menu, then go to social to interact with it there. Why can't we just be able to click on the squad up on the top right and go straight to the squad interface?

These are my main concerns. The interface overall loosk nicer, bar the size of the font.

After my game, i recall subconciously remembering that I'd need to interact with the menu interface again and my heart dropping. A good interface should be one you don't notice, but all I could think of was the UI getting in the way.

I basically totally agree with this. As a Tac main, I find it super hard to keep up with my allies health. Something Id like to see is assists for healing team mates. Many of my team mates would not be getting kills without my assistance.

Also with strafing, its something I've found really frustrating is the inability to do so. I Really need to be able to position myself in a more refined matter.

Also with colour blindness, Im not colourblind myself, but I find colourblind modes are much easier on my sensitive eyes. THis would benefit more than just a few people, while including better accessability.

There is so much empty space on the hud that could be better used to give us vital info