Dude, what?

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I understand if you're not a fan of the current state of Dreadnought, but as I've mentioned before, know that its current state is not solidified in any way. There will be changes, adjustments, and new content to iron out the overall experience as we move forward. I hope that in the future you can give it another shot and it'll speak to you. smile

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I'm well aware that it revolves around maintenance as a mechanic and tiers being part of the game. But the thing is, as stated previously, those are core mechanics to Dreadnought now. They aren't going anywhere.

Sure. That'll work. "Nothing is solidified, we'll just continue on the course that has alienated 90% of our playerbase and driven away hundreds if not thousands of players ruining our player retention."

I rest my case. *walks away shaking head*

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Tiers WERE recently restructured actually. Maintenance costs and module costs are in the process of being reaccessed as well. There's honestly a number of bugs relating to both of those. I mean, Dreadnought IS a live service, and because of that it may not actually ever be done. Therefore changes and adjustments can and will be made until we feel that Dreadnought is the best it can be. But again, these things don't happen overnight, it's going to take some time. Until then, whatever is brought to our attention will continue to be passed onto the devs and rest of the team. smile

Ah, you mean nothing is solidified other than everything, with the exception of minor changes and small rearrangements that do not in any way touch the real issues. Boy what a mouthfull. That sentence does sound a bit weird, and a bit misleading.

What you mean is: Tiers are solidified beyond any chance of change, Maintenance is solidified beyond any chance of change and the one loadout stuff is solidified beyond any chance of change.

But yeah, other than that nothing is solidified. Weird choice of words though...

The overwhelming majority of the complaints are not questioning the amount of maintenance costs, or the specifics of the Tiering. They are very specifically against maintenance as a mechanic and tiers as a part of the game. Saying "nothing is solidified so expect change" to people with those complaints is just dishonest if what they are complaining about is very definitely NOT being changed in the near future.

Imagine a car salesman: You see that there are no airbags in the car, complain about that and he tells you "yeah well, we're still finishing this one up for you, so nothing is solidified to any degree." Would you expect him to a) install an airbag or b) go on tweaking the color of the steering weel cap that has no place for an airbag?

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but as I've mentioned before, know that its current state is not solidified in any way.

Except in sofar as the Tiers, the Maintenance cost and everything else everyone is mad about will not change? Or does "its current state" include those? Has there been a change of hearts on the topic? Why wasn't this communicated before?

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Unlike you he apparently cares about the games well being. I realise it is hard to accept that as a reason for a misanthrope but there are such people.

As hard for you to accept the change and accept that some people actually like the direction Dreadnought is going,i get it its not for everyone.

I accept that you like the game. I don't understand it, but I accept it. There's almost a dozen other guys out there who like the game. 5 more and you could even play the thing once everyone else leaves!

have made up an entire imaginary silent majority

A happy customer will not show up on forums to complain,and thats it.Remind me please why dont u show up on Discord anymore?Isnt it the same reason?

The aka "silent majority" is in game playing,you on the other hand?

Actually I don't show up on Discord anymore because you get banned there for saying the game is in a horrible state and people like you are griefing the sh*t out of noobs.

Also I'm not playing right now because a) I hate grinding because I have bad impulse control and the game is horrible for people like that even though we provide about 90% of f2p games income and b) because the endgame is about as appealing to me as eating horseshit. I loved tinkering with my different Koscheis and getting better with them. I can't do that anymore now, so why bother?

And your "silent majority" appears to be melting like ice in the sunshine according to what I hear of queue times... Considering some of the people complaining in these very forums are also playing it can't be all that big. At least not when compared to the shitton of people who very obviously left the game behind because they didn't like it.

It appears the new guys coming in had some baggage. Most notably: A total lack of understanding game economics, a total lack of understanding microtransactions, a total lack of understanding instant feedback and why it is required to have a crowd of people willing to spend money, and also a total lack of gaming skill.

The combination has lead to some kinda weird decisions if you assume they expected anything good to spring from them...

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Harder to balance, but ultimately much more interesting. And it would make T3 useful, rather than just being a stepping stone to - and cannonfodder for - T4 ships

Then again that would just be a somewhat overly complicated version of what we had before. Something that worked surprisingly well actually...

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Is that really what they expected to replace multiple loadouts? Multiple FLEETS?

For starters, you cannot bring multiple fleets to a battle. If your fleet is ill suited to the enemies', you're screwed.

You also cannot have multiple loadouts of the same ship on a fleet either, because you can only bring each ship once.

Yes, but now you're forced to bring multiple ships from different classes! Which is somehow better. Don't ask me how, that's what Mike Donatelli said...

On the contrary, instead of people adapting and customising you have everyone bringing basically the same ships to T1 & T2 (because all the former customisation - and even a good portion of the ship classes - is now gated behind T4 and above).

Yeah, the flaw is kinda obvious. A shame they didn't figure it out even with the community screaming the answer at them... smile

It feels like they weren't able to add any new content so for fear that people would get bored they had to hide it all away behind a massive grindwall.

Well, problem is, if you put what makes your game fun out of reach for most people, they will get bored too

The keyword is "arbitrary". In WoT people accept Tiers because they feel natural. In DN it is implemented so badly it feels unnatural which makes the concept of Tiers - a concept that barely flies in a good implementation - dive downwards like a rock with a jet engine strapped to it and pointed upwards.

And to top it off everyone who points out that the emperor has no clothes on gets banned from Discord smile

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You realise there's actually an entire game industry full of free-to-play success stories based almost entirely on cosmetic purchases and a vast pit of failures trying to force monetisation with grind/pay walls, right?

Yet you are here talking about imaginary changes on Dreadnought.

Yeah. Unlike you he apparently cares about the games well being. I realise it is hard to accept that as a reason for a misanthrope but there are such people.

Also he's talking about imaginary change, you have made up an entire imaginary silent majority that likes the current system. I wonder which illusion is healthier.

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Just because you're obviously in the less than 10%

10% based on your poll?!?Nah..

You know, I have a suspicion that were the numbers in your favor you'd be all over the place hailing the polls ^^

Also if it really is all peachy, how come the overwhelmingly negative trend in these very forums? I get vocal minority, but there was more positive feedback around in the final weeks of the Stargate Worlds forums and that thing crashed and burned hard.

Where are all those happy campers? They're not exactly queued up in game, are they?

The one thing that tells me his numbers are fairly good is that the only people who could prove him wrong are very much NOT doing a poll. They used to do them at every stage of alpha testing. Now I wonder why that is?

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Frankly I have no idea who Dreadnought is supposed to be for at this point.

How would you..Do u even play bro?

Shouldn't you be off griefing new players? I would kick your backside in game if I could be bothered to grind through all the nonsense. But I guess that's one way to get ahead. If you don't have the skills you grind it out.