Oh DNG (Dreadnought Germany) helps often!

Her is a Link to a GoogleDoc for the Officer Briefings and on the links at the botton you can see how we play the Briefings (copy Thanks goes to DNG_Tutela, DNG_Gurdi and me DNG_Prothean)

i agree with this!

DN makes bugfixes with fixes no on cares (like the audio if you death)!

The Balance and Fixes they need are:

Ballista, Jutland, "Potato overpower heal", Matchmaking, Lags and FPS (if Harwich is in the Team or on Enemy side)!

If they fix this BIG thinks the Community will be happy!

But this is a joke!

The new Map looks great, this is a point i have to say because the other thinks are not sooooo importent in a "TECHNICAL BETA"!!!!!!

PLEASE get an Ear on your Community because if you ignore this it could happen that many Player will leave you!

And in my Opinion "THIS GAME HAS A LOT OF POTENTIAL"!!!! But without Players it will Fall like a Rock of the Sky

it seem they patch 1.5.0