1 I WILL NEVER FORGET ABOUT MAINTENANCE and its lootbox esque level monetization model you tried to run with in beta. Its not entirely gone from your mindset or the last event would of included a simaler credit boost to go along with the xp gain witch was pretty nice.

-Complements -> however all those issues have been balanced out with the xp to credit payout to how much unlocking the tech trees cost. also purchasing credits feels like something to be done if the players wants to pay to free up the xp on their ships and purchas credits to unlock what they want.

I like the new maps that have been put in the game since I've been away.

so far I havent been disconnected randomly from matches and the game seems to run a bit more smoothly tho more resource optimization would be nice.

Feedback - after a year you have fixed the broken main weapon of the Ballista but you havent fixed the accuracy of the Dola or the Jutland or its rate of fire could you please fix these soon it would be nice seeing has there is no pve mode for the game to want them for the scatter shot groups to be wanted.

solution remove healers from the game smile

or was it diminishing returns....

SOS-SmokerT69#9758 posted (#post-134330)

They have way too much HP!!!! And their secondary guns do way more damage then their primary. Also, with armour amp module and the officer briefing Slow and Steady, they can stop 100% of incoming damage!!@!!!2@!!@1@! AND then they still have shields!!!!!@!@! And if that wasn't bad enough, their warp goes way farther than Destroyers warps. They can warp right ontop of your team and kill your healers. It's game breaking!!!!! And they have a pulse that stops my corvette from moving which nearly always results in me dieing. It's a no skill press one button module smile I have really high hopes for this game, but this is crazy. Please fix thanks

what i put in bold is a problem in my opinion this means their primary guns need buffs.

DN's read the hole thing.

I'm also done spending money on this game due to the way my feedback was reacted to and not responded to I had no idea how good things are here in america where we are used to challenging ideas and having company's take that feedback and decide how to move forward even if it made them look dumb has company's used to interacting in the FREE market of ideas learned from there mistakes and made there products better.

however I started playing this game back in closed beta and the forums and discord was an echo chamber and those who where guilty of wrong think(not agreeing with them) where censored.

However with the release of the battle ready system and the discarding of maintenance the Dev's have shown allot of growth and improvement and the future of the game is looking good. I'll probably spend some money once the game doesnt crash for alt tab'ing out of the game at the wrong time or sending me back to the hanger on the upside they aren't extorting me any more with that maintenance smile

The RED PILL is something these kind of people react to like dracula reacts to crucifixes I'm amazed they have realized maintenance is harmful to the game this soon.

tise83#2040 posted (#post-125098)

Its not that the little bit of fake game money is the punishment, it is the fact that the maintenance crashes matchmaking, even after you paid for it, and our time is worth much more then a 1000 fake whatever...

I got invited to the closed beta after maintenance A.K.A Extortion was introduced not only was extortion punishing for loosing matches the higher you ship tiers but the credit cost of the ships and ship modules and briefings was and is more then the XP cost after playing for a week I came to the conclusion the only reason why I got into the closed beta was because those who where in before extortion and poorly thought out tech tree was because to many people where quitting not only was progression 2.0 part of the problem but the way they where treated by some of the moderators reacted(not responded) to the criticism given.

Prior to this announcement I had criticized punishing players for loosing and forcing them to play down in a way i felt like I was handling a delicate snowflake just criticizing the action of punishing and forcing players to play down and why they where not giving the players an insensitive to play different tiers and a moderator blocked my post and sent me a private msg telling me not to attack developers or individuals and also got me band and deleted all my post before that ( )

I do really like this game it scratches that completionist itch and is a player vs. player is a nice change from the pve games I normally play.

VuurKannone#2010 posted (#post-123557)

Ive said some harsh things about updates and the like but on this issue im torn. Maintenance in my eye was two motivate peeps going premium

With premium you loose progression if you loose its a waist of your money to buy premium time has you will still lose credits the higher the tier you go and I speak from personal experience with the game maintenance in the game was and is a terrible game design.

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Lincrono#9039 posted (#post-123450)

Wanting to progress? no, not at all. Actually doing it? Yup, bad thing. A very bad thing. Spending literal days [...]

Lol no. Flying as T4 in veteran is just enjoying game. Without being underpowered as T3. Just enjoy game. Who cares how long it will take? T5 dont add another dimentsion to T4 game. Also they eased grind a bit by adding this carrier progression.

Erm, flying T4 is just seal clubbing. Flying T5 will be the only serious way to play the game (like it used to be pre-Regression 2.0 patch).

any version of the game that doesn't hinder players from getting to tier 5 is a positive one and one that makes tier 5 the level to play at is good in my opinion.

Its good to see the (Dev)Normies have abandoned punishing their players in favor of something that's men't to incentivize players to mix up what fleets they play sooner rather then later smile looks like their is a sliver of blue light of hope shining through the overwhelming orange light powering the servers smile keep it up.

I am looking forward to testing out the battle ready system to see if the game is worth playing.

I recently re-instaled the game to see the changes and I have to say wow its a great improvement.

now if you could just hire another experience dev to fix the random crashes and stability issues the dreadnought team will be set for a while.

ummm that's great and all but how about fixing the broken ship stuff you know the weapons and modules that are not working has intended like the jutlands main guns being balanced for tier 1 or 0 game play and modules like drain pulse cooling down after 5 seconds it would be really great if you can fix that stuff in this PVP FOCUSED GAME OF YOURS!

and perhaps a new business model that doesn't force players to play down and lets you purchase what we unlock when we unlock it.

have you thought of...;

adding starter packs in the market? you know selling a hero ship or ships with elite status and some GP?

making selling elite status your focus instead of freeing up xp and selling credits? retaining players vs. burnout.

rebalancing point gain so that healing ships aren't easy mode for top score? maybe adding point gain to support modules so other ships can get small amounts of points here and there?