Thanks for the update ! ^^ I have been unhyped for a few months now,, but seeing this news gets me all hyped again..

Also it's both sad and great to hear the release will be delayed, but atleast we'll get a decent product when it does release ^^

irishrOy#2575 posted (#post-5505)

We don't even know if there's gonna be an NDA, so things might actually be pretty open and free (but I think closed-alpha will most likely have an NDA, just because^^)

And the DEVs somewhere said in a stream, that they want their "soon" not to be the typical Noobisoft- and EA/Dice-"s00n" ^^

Sould've thought of that earlier xDD It's been soon for about a year or longer already smile

Still takes a few months until the closed beta starts tho smile

Omg omg omg omg!!!

Mineglitch#8147 posted (#post-3478)

So is there going to be an official release date sometime soon? Or will it stay 2015 until the game comes out. Also when can we sign up for beta testing?

Mineglitch#8147 posted (#post-3485)

I checked no such option

There used to be several options. One option was indeed by signing up for the newsletter. A checkbox was shown which you had to mark in order to participate in the BETA. This might have become obsolete as they might have noticed everyone checked that mark. However you never know unless confirmed by some community leader such as Drakane.

Another option was by going to your profile page (top right corner, should say something like USERNAME#NUMBER). And visit the game settings.. ( Although I have to say I no longer see that option, which might be because I have already registered for BETA. There are details on that page which you have to follow to sign up.

--- Edit ---

At some places it always used to say that the BETA would start summer 2015, sadly I can no longer find where it said so.. So I suppose there is no current way to know the estimate beta date unless communicated by the game company. I think you'll have to keep looking at both the announcements section and the FAQ. However at the moment the FAQ says:


Details on the public beta are still forthcoming. We will update this FAQ the moment signups become available.


Dreadnought is currently targeted to release in 2015.

KidAdamance#7992 posted (#post-3467)

Most Likely the dreadnought.

I don't know...In games, I always like being the elephant in the arena that must be taken down or else...

Considering ur comment... I was always playing scout in Team Fortress 2 because no one would ever be able to catch up to me.. In the right hands agility > strength, although that may also vary on the person wielding the gun.

I'm not sure yet what would be my kind of playstyle for Dreadnought.. Yes, I'd love to play agility, but also nuking the **** out of people would be a pretty awesome thing to do.

Mineglitch#8147 posted (#post-3473)

hope we get information soon :D

It has been "soon" for the past half year if not longer xD Sadly, all we can do is hope they won't forget on us.

Haha, perhaps they fly on light,, like in the movie John Carter :P

DemondOrth#7777 posted (#post-3471)

JoeGC#6074 posted (#post-3464)

I was hoping to see some actual updates after a couple months, instead I found the entertainment classic of scoring life as an MMO (7.8/10 too much water).

Every time a new video comes out, I get hyped, and then I remember there's still no beta, and I die a bit inside.

Seriously what would Yager like to speed up the beta? Candy, Soda, Chips, an arm and a leg, or maybe my firstborn kid( on an IOU basis)?

You must bring 3 goats and 2 sheep every month for the next few years and they will consider it.

I think they also accept camels, just incase you're an arab.

USonuMabeaCh#6659 posted (#post-3460)

I have been a closed beta tester, under NDA, for Dark Age of Camelot's last two expansions, and I was also a beta tester for the USI mod for BF2 which had no NDA but the beta wasn't opened, we had a small team of testers, I also did closed beta for W.A.R. without an NDA, it was simply bug-finding at that stage.

That said, both your #1 and #2 are completely false. A CLOSED beta is PURELY for testing, what would be the point otherwise? If you are participating in a closed beta, and you are not reporting bugs, you are wasting the dev's time, period.

And as the other guy stated, there are several cases where a closed beta is not under an NDA, if YOU were a beta tester, you should know this. Thanks for the asinine attempt at being the self-appointed forum sheriff/noob wrangler though, it was worth a couple of laughs.

/sigh/ You're completely missing the point. A beta is for testing indeed, I wanted to point out that 80% of the players play the game instead of test it, resulting in no bug reports, though they still call themselves testers. And once more, I was speaking out of experience of the beta tests I did regarding streaming, of which pretty much none allowed it to.

Glad to make you laugh, although I wasn't trying to offend you. In my opinion you could have been way nicer in your response instead of feeling irritated and acting in such manner.