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1.Well some games ask you if you have laready done Alpha/Beta test, so it can be a way to choose your Beta testers based on their experiences.

2.This is totally false, it depends mainly of the NDA of the game/Devellopers. Some allows Streaming, Youtube etc... during even the alpha stage, Others don't. We just have to know Greybox/Yager's rules about it.

You may be true, I'm simply stating my overall experiences with the beta information I have seen in the past few years :]

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I signed up for the newsletter, and in my confirmation email, the spaces where my first and last name were supposed to be displayed were blank, as was my "interested in future beta participation" box. I'd appreciate it if that were updated to "very".

I've done closed beta testing a few times before, and I can run NVidia shadowplay for helping to identify bugs, or to upload videos to my youtube channel to help give the game more exposure when y'all get to the point that you want that to happen...

  1. Doing closed beta's doesn't make you a tester, so participating in closed beta's doesnt mean you'll get beta access :P Although I do not think there will be a selection of players allowed during the beta, but all participants..

  2. As always, BETA content is never allowed to become public, as a closed beta tester you should know xD

True.. sadly, I like how cats act completely retarded and devilish at moments... Also, I"m wondering what scope you got, would love to see planets in HD. Spacegasm ftw.

The person below me prefers fail compilations over win compilations.

For as far I know, and as stated above, it has been said that there are no thoughts for console versions to focus on the PC version. Remember that if you enjoy playing with controllers, you could always attach ur PS / XBOX controller to the PC and connect ur PC to your HDTV to have a similar effect.

Sign me up fellow captain.

Oh, I so hope the game won't turn out like a classic Michael Bay movie xD

Although I have to say I laughed way too hard at this.

Our soon is just a mere glimps in the eyes of mother cosmos.

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in one interview peter holzapfel, the gamedirector, said that they were still thinking about how they wanna monetize the game, especially considering the episodic campaing. but like everyone else allready pointed out, there's no real info out there except that they won't be selling stuff that gives you any advantage ingame.

This is actually pretty weird, starting game development (and pretty much in its finishing stage) on a game without knowing how to get the creation costs back.. The team also needs their montly salary.. so..

Although Dreadnought representitives have already said that it is a TF2 based game, so perhaps there will be some other things,, like special items, coating, or some other characteristics TF2 has.

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Just a couple ;-)

Thanks mate :)

I have to say that I personally still feel irritated because of those four ability icons on the top. Their style doesn't match the games style.. in my eyes the least xD

I think it's primairly because all icons are somewhat transparant and suddenly these icons have a solid bright blue background...

What about transparant background with white icon indicators?

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wow dreams come true .. since navyfield i search for somethin modern Option to go on!

Ive signed up account and Newsletter .. so is there some News i did not get ?

a captain would say : Whats the Status ?

Nope you haven't missed anything. Everyone is waiting for them to announce when beta will hit. Until then it's just a waiting game!

Well.. atleast that part appears to be unchanged xDD Started out as the elite of the forums (first 10-20 ppl to sign up), and went away for about 5 months due to graduation.. xD Nothings has changed.. any new videos of dreadnought I should be looking for?