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Please, enlighten me.. how do I become a friend / family? Whom do I have to marry?

I'm taken, sorry. :P

As soon as I have more details and can share them with y'all I promise to do so. Believe me we're just as excited to get the game in your hands as you are to play!

Aaawh :( I suppose your believe doesn't allow you to be married to multiple people simultaneously? :(

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How do you test games?

I suppose you should ask: "How don't you test games?".

Even by playing like a regular player, you are already testing. Sometimes events may show up when not trying to make it happen :) It's up to you to make sure the bug get's awareness from the team by submitting a bug report including the pre-required steps to reproduce.

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I was told by one of the employees at the PAX East booth that the game is in Friends and Family testing currently. Not much info but the only thing other than what is already stated.

Please, enlighten me.. how do I become a friend / family? Whom do I have to marry?

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Did you do something awesome like make a Dreadnought fansite, movie or piece of fan art? Or did you find something online related to Dreadnought (make SURE it's related, please) that would be of serious interest to the rest of the community? Share it here...and discuss!

Sorry Unrealxs, but I am not totally sure that the logo render had to be posted in the Community News section

Actually my opinion is that none of the mentioned subjects belong in the "Community News" section.. lol

Even how awesome it is, strangely this belongs in the Community News section (don't ask me why).

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I spent my entire 8 hours of Sunday's PAX East at their booth playing and talking to the devs. There is no release date for the game yet and they wont announce one until they are sure they can release the game fully functional whether it be 2015 or not. Trust me I tried squeezing one out of them this entire PAX but nobody would budge ;D

I would speculate that it's most likely you won't see a summer release, I would expect alpha testing soon and beta testing to be during the summer period and then maybe a fall / winter release? It's all speculation now so just keep your fingers crossed and eyes open for the newsletters!

Actually they did 'announce' it. Sort of anyway.. The homepage title (shown as your browser tab title), used to be 'Dreadnought - Coming Summer 2015'. With the release of the new homepage and forums it seems to have changed into 'Dreadnought - Fear Nothing'.

But ya,, I do agree with you that it's pretty unlikely to a release coming summer, but rather a fall / winter / black friday period release.

You gotta love that you don't have to wait for others to die, but rather be able to join the game in a support vessel.

Lol, that loop... awesome

I personally never purchase any collectors editions, or even pay extra if not needed too. The entire Battlefield series is an exception to that rule.

I do however, may consider to purchase a collectors edition if it were to include some needy items.

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I already know that it's free, so I'm going to download it ASAP and start getting some of my ideas out of my head!

You make me curious ^^

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The game is set for a 2015 release. It is still in alpha at the moment. Beta will be announced when ready. Or so I was told in January...

yep, that bothers me a bit, i even saw the live stream when they said that. So january passed, february passed, we're in middle of march, and i dont see the light on beta anytime soon. What can i say the hype is real, and i want to play the game. Anyway cheers for the devs, keep up the good work.

So they announced BETA information 'soon' which was 2 months ago? Makes me afraid that the game won't be released summer 2015. But rather be postponed. I don't think it's possible to do a stress test on the servers that close to it's release. Considering it might still take a month or 2 till beta.

PAX != Stress testing ^^