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I was actually having a comical talk about this with a few people at PAX. This years PAX felt like it was year of the Alpha/Pre-Alphas that felt close to release builds. I mean you had Dreadnought, Overwatch, Gigantic, and several more (and not at PAX you also have UT4). Boggled my mind because, to me, Pre-Alpha/Alphas are mostly rendered maps and characters with minimal texturing purposely because they're designed for harsh testing, implementing, and tweaking rather than polishing and fine tuning. Yet, all of these games felt incredibly solid and "Early Access" quality.

I actually haven't heard of any of those games lol. Though I might have heard of Overwatch, but I'm not that certain about that.

But yea,, considering it's current quality and continues show up at these big events, I personally don't think it'll take long before an announcement is given to the public regarding BETA.

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I'm fairly certain that th UE4 can support the sandstorm thing, as it was present in one of the map of Unreal Tournament 3 and this game used the UE3. Cannot confirm for all events, but I'm sure you can do sweet things with it.

Ah okay, well my answer was based on a small article that which I read about game engines.. They said that UE4 is unable to maintain that many independent particles as it would require too much power. It would however be able to get the same effect, but just less quality.

Then again, I don't think such a sandstorm exists of a bilion seperate particles to track, but rather a animated environment texture or w/e.

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Another one could be the sandstorms/snowstorms/anystormyouwant. It considerably reduce visibility, so scouting will be even more important. Can also help you to sneak in or out.

All great ideas, but then again, I don't think Unreal Engine 4 supports these types of detailed events.

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I'm not a fan of random, unannounced events in maps that have the potential to really turn the tide of battle. If there's a set mechanic that can be avoided and has ample warning, that's fine, but I'd hate to have the RNG gods determine the outcome of a match.

Meeh, I'd say that it isn't a forced event, so you won't get spammed with it,, just .. 1 out of 4 or 2 out of 5 matches have these events.. so its not as anoying, but still extremely amazing and fun.

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And what about a solar flare ? But instead of damaging your ship it will disable it for several seconds if you're unable to get to safety. But maybe it'll better fit a map located in close proximity of a sun.

Right! You get the point! :P Like, lights on ur ship start to flicker, and after a few secs it shuts down the engine and the entire ship, then it automatically starts to recover slowly by performing a automatically reboot xD

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From what I played at PAX, even though it's called a pre-alpha build, I feel like it was more beta quality than anything.

Ya, I've been in pre-alpha phases of other games, and it can't be compared to the current state of dreadnought.. These alpha builds didn't even have textures or let alone high quality effects... So, i'd say Dreadnoughts (!visual!) quality is of atleast Closed / Open BETA.

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The Demo at Pax East rocks. Played it about 5 hours ago and wow if this is beta how do I download it. I have been stuck playing games that have been released and belong in Alpha let alone Beta and here comes Dreadnought and it is absolutely amazing and playable. Can't wait to play on my PC. Been a longtime waiting for a space sim this good.

Aint no beta yet, sadly. But I suppose it'll be announced in the coming months as its release date is coming summer.

Considering ppl seem to enjoy playing it at the booth, i'm rlly starting to get curious about the game :]

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If that is how you get beta now, count me in. Have you been watching their PAX stream?

Nah, I've been trying to find games and watching movies the entire day :']

Actually I didn't notice there was a stream going,, so i suppose i'll get to that now.

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Think about this bridge

been it enought to collapse and fall on the ground. Would not be cool?

Hmm, would be nice to see some shattered glass or w/e falling, and after a while it collapses and falls towards the earth.

Yes, it would be incredibly awesome :P

Oh noes! xD


Heya, ^^

I just started noticing I've been bored out of my mind for months now. I've tried something like 50 different kind of games in the past few months and none seem to satisfy me. So please, entertain me/us with beta access :(

Or any videos lasting for all hours between now and beta release :D