Ya, Im aware of that. But how awesome would it be to suddenly receive a visual warning, (somewhat like simcity 5 with disasters). And a voice saying something like "Our scanners show that debris is heading our way, sir. Perhaps it would be wise to find shelter.".

Robotstyle#4892 posted (#post-248)

Oh how the word Leveloution makes me cringe! However I agree destructible scenery for ground based maps would make a lot of sense for all those wayward flying missiles!

That's just because you wrote it wrong :( hater :p

And I was primarely talking about space maps, because the low orbit maps already have some eye candy, but ya, i suppose it could work there too.

Hey Everyone,

After the viewing the following video, I have to say that the environment looks pretty ... boring? No, thats not the right word.. But it could use some more life, or interaction if you prefer, as its not all that exciting, though that's my personal opinion.

So, how about introducing the levolution concept? Though I'm not sure whether that's possible using Unreal Engine 4. But my idea is as the following.

The invironment includes a lot of asteroids and debris from ships. What if we would make this interactive? As the battle progresses there could be random events like a small meteor or debris shower. Getting hit by such an object could kill smaller ships or significantly damage the bigger ships. It would make the map a bit more interesting and even more strategic, as you'll have to be aware of your position and environment.

Just an idea, of which I'd like to know your opinions :)


Gier1007#7914 posted (#post-230)

Can't wait for the game! Every time you guys show us something my friends and I get more hyped.

Whats a better way of staying hyped by setting a rotation background wallpaper for your desktop using their wallpapers :']

I think that'll be a whole new level of levolution. It would suck if there were to be a ring of debris across the map, and when getting close to this debris, you would only hit an invisible wall,, and not being able to fly any further.. Although that happens with other space games.. so on a second though.. it might be normal :']

Debris wins from Ships.. cuz logic?

Again, it would be nice, but I suppose it would take the needed attention away from other important things. I'd vote for easier maps first :P

JoeGC#6074 posted (#post-211)

I think we can all agree multiple load-out choices for weapons would be fantastic. personally, I'd want a menu where you can choose your weapons and can save them as load-outs (like in a FPS). Maybe changing the aspects of your weapons; maybe an option where you can exchange faster firing turrets for ones with better range or damage?

Exactly, I'm hoping for a feature where you could modify your ship. Perhaps by gaining experience points which you could spend on either improving your ship, or unlocking new ships. Also we would be nice to gain currency in order to be able to purchase these upgrades, so theres a resource cost and a purchase cost.. perhaps even a repair cost for your ship :]

Hehe, it would be an entirely different experience,, An experience I may actually like ^^

EMpulse#8145 posted (#post-113)

Look at you fabulous people, warning each other on the possible breaking of the forum rules. It is enough to bring a tear to a Community Rep's eyes! Rock on, Captains. :)


Community reporting for duty, sir! :]

Dedadude#1215 posted (#post-173)

jownsy#3157 posted (#post-129)

great idea, in warthunder hiding in the clouds/fog can be very effective and gain you an advantage, in the same way maps at night would be interesting as well, but i guess we'll get dark maps with the space ones ;D

Maybe adding the disadvantage that stay too much in a nebula would slowly sap you energy bar?

Lol, sounds like that Stargate SG-1 Episode, where they got chased and eventually got stuck in a nebula.

Princessity#7924 posted (#post-124)

I'm so torn! On one hand I really really really really really love huge giant enormous big colossal ships <3 and I soooo want to fly Dreadnoughts all day! But on the other hand other ships have so many fun playstyles I enjoy in other games too! I love sniping, sneaking and healing! And they're all split between different kinds of ships! XD

Noooo! The hard choices! Halp! I NEED AN ADULT!

I'm pretty sure we would all test every single ship class in the first few moments of beta.. so, i think it pretty much depends eitherway on the feels at that moment :] Perhaps a ship looks awesome, but pretty unbalanced, you never know untill you try it.