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Yep.... smile

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I haven't been playing ever since you announced maintenance removal. I figured why suffer the (finally admitted) terrible system while I wait?

TBF you're missing out on income from playing. Maintenance sucks but you still make a net gain, have some fun

AND you can just put the One or Two '4s' on your fleet at Vet or Leg level to cut costs so I hear...

(if that is true idk but does seem to condense how much your "Used" ship gets.) smile

When you've played as long as I have... that's of little concern. I'd rather it be easier at this point. I've already hit max rank like 3 times during the alphas and betas. You'll have to forgive me if I wasn't really in the mood to do it again in the current system. I wait for the significant changes these days and the removal of maintenance is certainly one of them.

To be clear I did hit T4 in the current system when I decided to stop.

I haven't been playing ever since you announced maintenance removal. I figured why suffer the (finally admitted) terrible system while I wait?

So happy this is coming sooner than later. I'll come back and give it a go without hesitation. Until then fellas.

This is one time I legitimately feel bad for Yager. They announce that they are finally listening to feedback and getting rid of a system they were originally really entrenched with. Only to have people still complain without even seeing the new system.

It's absurd... this was absolutely nothing but positive news. There is no bad news to be had. They are removing a punishment system and replacing it with a reward system. They are no longer restricting you from some ships and letting you play with them whenever you want.

Please be reasonable and save your complaints for the new system after it's arrived. Again there is ZERO negative news about this. It's all completely made up in your head until then. I understand "concerns" but out right claiming this is already going to be an awful system and will fix nothing... is ridiculous. Some of you are carrying this bitter veteran stuff a little too far. You've moved from hoping this game can have a turn around to wishing it doesn't.

If it bothers you that bad. Leave. Don't keep trying to sow misery in the forums.

This is coming from another "bitter vet." Been here since Alpha. Let good news happen for crying out loud.

You guys think corvettes are OP now? Be glad you're not facing these too often yet. This is basically a T4 versus T4 match (closed beta before 2.0) Back when things were closer to actually being balanced.

This was just a video with him coming to grips with it. When they mastered it? Absolutely brutal against random folks. That's why I haven't fully signed off on them being balanced yet.

Let the meta settle and we'll see which "best builds" start to take over. For now I'm in the camp of we have to be careful not to make them useless.

I really think it's still pretty simple. Disorganization versus organization. A group that works together tends to negate Corvettes. One that doesn't tends to get eaten alive by corvettes.

These numbers represent the player base at large... and honestly most of them still aren't up on the meta. For understandable reasons. It's a long and often risky bet on which modules you should invest in. Once the "best" builds get more popular you may see things shift. It's easy to see why Destroyers rank so well. It's the easiest ship to pick up and play with some fairly straight forward modules. While advanced setups and classes (vindicta) can be game changers.

Basically nearly every game I was involved in I shut down most mundane classes and setups. It took the best builds and people who knew what they were doing to shut me down. Or you know... good ole classic team work. A maxed T4 Akula artillery can lay down some serious hurt and fight off multiple T3s... but if they work together and time it right they'll send it to the scrap heap.

Player education and easier access and or straight up descriptions telling them what works against a corvette would go a long way. In-game mind you. Not some outside guide or forum post as we all know most average folks will never look that deep into this stuff.

I'll end with this. I wont definitively say anything because the meta hasn't settled. Once DN get's in it's groove with a healthy population in each tier with people who know what they are doing we'll have a much better idea.

I'd argue the game is about to get a second life when the new system hits. It's the most optimistic I've been towards Dreadnought since Alpha. FYI they are removing maintenance.

Now in the mean time... yeah it's a bit rough.

Guess I'll throw in my 2 cents. Yeah I miss OG Bix. The accent gave him character. This new guys literally sounds like a default place holder.

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The reason for limiting squads to three, is because way back when teams were 5v5 and squads could have 5 people, you'd have 4 people queuing up as a squad and absolutely ROFLstomping whatever enemy team they were up against.

I don't think anyone disputes that. Not anyone who lived through it. I'm just saying they have to have a competitive option at some point or they are missing out on a huge part of what made dreadnought great. Two teams of organized players fighting it out. Like I said... the current game just feels like fluff you play in the down time in comparison. You know there will be a hardcore audience who'd love a competitive side of DN.

Yeah that can't be stressed enough. Right now T5 isn't an option. T4 can be a nightmare to get to if you're anything but a middle of the road T4...

Now all the set backs and fleet restrictions are gone. That's a positive no matter how you cut it. We'll have to debate the new grind whenever we actually get the new system. For now we're still stuck in a rather unpleasant experience.

I mean all my other complaints about tier balance and ship accessibility will still be there but at least it'll be quite a few degrees less punishing. There will still be frustrating mismatches and slow progression but at least the needle will forever being moving forward instead of occasionally backwards... and we can always fly what we unlock.

They absolutely have to support full teams one day. In a separate hopper... whatever. It has to happen. Why? Because Dreadnought transformed into a completely different game. An awesome thrilling tactical game. Where every decision mattered... right down to where the battle actually took place. Where the dread was positioned... what cover the tactical had.

Full team combat against each other was simply the best. Everything else feels like place holder stuff you do in the down time when you don't want to be sweating each decision.

I'm being serious... this game came alive during those battles. Completely different formations and module use came into play. Things that work in the random games don't stand a chance in team play. It was good stuff.

I'm actually not against the 3 man limit for public random games. Not against 4 either... I just want them to have that separate competitive option somewhere down the road. They are missing out on a massively epic part of dreadnought if they don't.