Dreadnought was actually supposed to be about huge lumbering battleships blasting each other. If you want speed you should probably look elsewhere.

That said... fly a Monarch for awhile and then go back to a corvette. You'll feel like you're going at light speed smile

Also a few modules can really push the bigger ships at a decent clip.

Jawayne#8001 posted (#post-123269)

Adavanter#2016 posted (#post-123257)

Heck this impacts everything including the disconnects. Think about it... you lose a match connection or get the glitch. They literally just robbed you of money. Now that wont happen. You'll just be back at the hanger with some time wasted.

Only partially, you will be able to buy battle-ready charges with creds, a DC will count as match and you will lose it. Thus you might still lose creds to those issues (bad matchup, dc, crash, bugs).

True... plus any stat loving guy will probably hate the loss count going up. I'm just saying it's better than them reaching into your pocket and taking money for a hiccup on their end. The loss of a fleet readiness will sting... but less so. IMO anyway. I never planned to pay for that sort of thing anyway. I was always in it for the cosmetics... that I'll pay for... so long as the game is still fun. Which I feel this new system will be. I already feel so much weight lifted on the ship I'll choose. Even getting wrecked by a higher tier wont feel so bad.

Just as an example... I was getting pretty close to my 2nd T4... Vindicta. I loved that ship back in the day but I also know what a risk it is. I held off buying it because who wants to pay for what could be a mistake? Especially one with a grind that bad and penalties tied to T4. Now it's not a big deal. You can go through the growing pains of grinding out the modules with no money setbacks. Already makes me think buying a Cattaro wont be the dumbest decision ever smile

Actually... collecting all ships in general seems possible again. I'd written some off just because the effort wasn't worth the result. It makes me look at everything DN related in a better light.

I can't agree with you here Wake. The reason the current maintenance can be an annoying problem is that simply put... you can go negative. You can be stopped from flying legendary ships. That's absolutely huge that it's no longer a thing. You can play in your T5 all night long. You're steadily making progress forever with no setbacks.

You don't have to feel guilty or like your making a mistake by trying a new ship or even one just for fun. Because now there is no penalty. Your complaints are aimed at the LENGTH of the GRIND. Not maintenance. The old maintenance system just had way to many drawbacks. Now those are gone.

Heck this impacts everything including the disconnects. Think about it... you lose a match connection or get the glitch. They literally just robbed you of money. Now that wont happen. You'll just be back at the hanger with some time wasted.

That's all that's happening now. Time wasted. Instead of literal credits being taken from you and denied access to certain fleets. Complain about the grind sure... but you're missing the big picture if you honestly think this is just a rebranding.

One last example. I could perform poorly a thousand times now and still progress will have been made. That's not possible under the current system. You'll be locked out and out of credits. That's gone... and that's huge. We can debate grind once the new system in place but even if it managed to be slower it's still more fair than the current system.

Holy wowza. You did it. You really listened. That system sounds... fantastic. You got rid of punishment. I'm blown away. A reward buff on cool down? I'm stunned. Literally nothing negative about this. Best news I've read in ages...

I may actually fire up the original account! (Been playing on a sub.)

It's not really up to the Veteran player. I've carried teams before and we'll still lose. Matchmaking can be cruel as well. Tilting higher tiers to one side. So if you don't really care for setbacks... going back to recruit is actually the best choice. You just grind away with little worry. Besides as stated that's literally the design they wanted. Maintenance is only there to make people return to lower tiers.

Not fun for the newer players... though I'd argue it's one of the more balanced tiers. Sure a corvette can (and will) eat recruits for breakfast but they are also witnessing what it can do.

As for the aimbot nonsense... I'll be honest. As much as I pride myself a sniper. It's not that hard in this game. You're fighting giant slow moving ships. The travel time on 7k range isn't that hard to predict. The only time you have to get fancy is if a corvette is close or some other mad rusher. Even then once you've got the knack for it (barring tiers and modules) you'll probably tear them out of the sky as well.

I'm sure the T4 grind is a tad less risky with a 3 man team...

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We are trying to deliver both the new maintenance iteration and late join ship selection with 1.8, which seems to be roughly scheduled for release in late June/early July, however I can't promise this.

Perfect! That's the kind of thing we want to read. We totally understand if that date is missed. Well some of us anyway. I'd rather have a rough time frame and an idea what's going on... that may or may not end up delayed. Than no idea at all!

The weight class thing was always supposed to be more of a loose guide as to what ship you're getting into. Yet not enough to tie the hands of the developer if they wanted to do something different. As for the Ballista. Yes it's a bad ship and it's manufacturer should feel bad. smile

Slow moving, slow firing, lower armored, slower turning, not all that great damage compared to others average DPS. That ship needs love. Badly. Has needed it for quite sometime. I think they are afraid any significant tweak might tilt it one way or the other. Though honestly right now at least making it on par with the Akula line would be a start.

Seriously... it can't be anymore of a liability. It could at least have the same health. The Akula can dodge the shots... that poor Ballista is going to have to tank it.

Ah ok. Cool thanks. I still like it. Even if I don't get XP all the time. I actually like the sound of preset ships slowly ranking up. That can be addictive if it's done right.

Because it seriously sounds like one of the cooler modes they've come up with. To be fair I've been hyped for the wave survival more for quite sometime. I was a little bummed we have to wait for the PS4 versions exclusivity to burn out... but that's my question. How long do you think? A month? Half a year? This mode will make me actually want to get back in Discord smile

Wonder how it ties into XP/Credits? If at all.

This would also go a long way in stemming the advantages T4 has over T3. So... I'm in full support.