It was... hopefully still is a major priority for them. They've taken serious cracks at it. Sounds like they've managed to reduce the amount but still have a bit to go. I don't see them removing all of maintenance to fix the issue. They are too determined to keep that feature. Plus... taking it away now and restoring it later with have an incredibly negative effect on the community.

We didn't take it well from Alpha... as in most people don't play from those days anymore. Can you imagine introducing this game to the new open beta crowd... only to implement maintenance later? If they are going to keep such a system it's better to let people know now than later.

Remember report your bug to their service and they'll typically refund you. The more logs they get the more they can determine what happened to you.

Quick answer. 3 players is the limit for a squad.

Long answer. A while back. Last year around September before 2.0 radically changed Dreadnought we use to be able to have a full team of friends. 5 player squads. They spoke about limiting us and warned us ahead of time. They've said they would keep an eyes on things and change if they felt it needed it. 4 seems to be the debate right now.

However... they also said they would look into competitive options. Like a mode dedicated to squads or at least something that could support full squads. All of this was quite some time ago. As disappointing as that may sound... many things they talked about nearly a year ago have come true. It's just a slow process.

There are a few veterans still around. The forums probably isn't the best place to look. Not many of them comment here. Discord is likely their roost.

Haven't seen Doll comment in the forums for quite a bit.

Post 2.0 many of the same issues are in place but there does seem to be a slightly better population. Recruit matches often take like 5 minutes to find and most nights that holds true for veteran. There are still balance issues between Tiers and maintenance compounds that problem... but if you manage to have some semi balanced fights it's not all that bad.

My view is the time it takes to actually progress from zero to T4 isn't that bad. It's the experiences you have on the way that can be awful. Matches of T4s versus T3s and maintenance because of said matches. T4 is a bit grindy and faces all the other issues except slightly less because you're not so outgunned. T5 is all but dead. T4 practically is the current cap.

A recent update came out that had some pretty nice changes. I keep hearing people saying we may earn less XP now. Not sure. Haven't tested it myself. If that's the case it may throw off everything I just said.

Yeah it's essentially dragging this guy's name through the mud for simply playing the game as it's presented. It doesn't matter if the module is broken or unbalanced. That's Yager's responsibility to fix. You guys should be glad most of the veterans have quit... talented Vindictas tore fleets up back then. Some of the best grouped up and utterly murdered the completion. 100/0 was a thing... and they happened often.

Be glad this battlefield is more balanced than it use to be. To further reinforce the point... if you think it's so powerful. You do it. See how that works out.

I support deleting this thread out right. If you want to debate the module do so. Leave his name out of it. Allegations of cheating... especially in a topic header is serious business IMO. Even if it's only implied... you're completely stripping him of any honor, talent and time he put into this game. Not cool.

If you feel the need to report someone take it to the proper channels and in private. With proof if you can.

Well... back in the day we had 5 man squads and team sizes only went up to 5. So you could have a full team of friends. Stomping happened though. Like really bad. Dreadnought can be a heck of a team game... but it just makes it impossible on groups of random players. Even a middling team with coordination can often roll a decent group of randoms. Focusing fire and everyone aware of what is happening fleet wide is just a huge advantage.

Thus the 3 man limit was introduced. Supposedly one day we'll get a competitive option. I can see why they'd be hesitant to introduce anything right now given how any splintering of the player base will make matchmaking worse.

Kudos for opening up hero cosmetics. I like the new numbers... I get they aren't perfect but it's better than guessing with the bar system. Also I liked the insight aspect of the update post. That you bothered to tell us what you were thinking when you made these decisions. Little things like that whether I agree with the decisions or not go a long way.

I'll get to negatives later. Mainly after I've played a bit smile

looks at the poor dead horse Time for a beating!

I think we all agree joining a game in progress that's losing soundly is unfair. Most modern games wont count it as a loss and you will not incur a penalty. Typically you're rewarded for the crummy experience/staying. I fully expect them to implement this system eventually. It'll just take time. It's a reasonable way to deal with these unfortunate scenarios.

looks at the dead horse again Not done yet.

T2s have no business in T4 battles. A player new or old shouldn't be expected to put a lower tier ship in their fleet to stop a potential stomp from happening. Especially since it's not told to the player at any time in-game. Depending on the skill of the players involved... a T4 can soundly stomp a T3. You can imagine how badly that compounds to T2s.

Torturing and griefing the player base isn't a great idea. Plus a T2 can ruin the other T3/T4's game in the process. It's not their fault they got put in the match... but it'll certainly be a liability. Depending on how many are present it's often the deciding factor. It may seem small but some people only have to have this happen once or twice and they'll write the game off. Nobody likes that amount of tilted odds. Ok maybe Dark Souls people but they are masochists. smile

Jawayne didn't express that this was a planned feature? Not exactly as you've detailed but back in the alpha days they were pretty open about a PvE mode. One of which was fairly far along. No not Onslaught. Now it could have been canceled... it has been a long time. I doubt it though. Probably still baking and finding a way to fit into their current monetization scheme.

There was also supposed to be a campaign... but I again... could be long gone. Which if I'm being honest. I don't mind. This game has enough to address without losing resources to a campaign. I'd rather the PvE horde mode arrive. Which was the mode hinted at. Surviving waves and netting scores for performance etc.

I fully support anything to mitigate the current progression woes. Plus... who doesn't love a horde mode!? I still say they need loot crates of some sort. Even if it's just XP or low amounts of GP. Something to keep folks coming back. Like earn a certain amount of token... spend them... get the box... and... 1000 free xp. Or 10gp. Or... 10000 credits. Super rare. 24 hours of Elite! Heck even 12... whatever. I like those systems so long as it's not too painful.

A sign in bonus! Works great for warframe. When you land a 75% off platinum cost you practically feel obligated to spending money. Imagine 75% of GP packs... I couldn't resist.

Well I joined in January of LAST year. My number is 2016. My alternate account I created just last month is 9300ish.

Yeah. I'll boot it back up for sure to check out the quality of life stuff. That's one of those nagging concerns that always sort of frays the nerves over long periods. Plus new maps are always fun.