I get the distinct impression that some of the sound effects either aren’t working correctly or play at the wrong time.

For example, on the Fleet Orbit / Ship Selection screen hovering above the planet on my client there’s a loud and unusual sound playing off-centre (usually to the right) which sounds like water or fire… difficult to describe exactly what the sound is, Bacon cooking?

Another problematic sound effect I’ve consistently noticed is a sound like bullets or munition flying past you whilst in game, at which point I’ve been furiously looking around to see who’s shooting at me only to find there’s nothing…
I tested this issue further yesterday in a corvette by going far away from any enemy or friendly players and was still experiencing the same issue.

The sounds generally seem quite muffled, which for a space game I guess kind-of works…. If we were actually in space… but most of the time we are hovering above a planets surface so presumably there is atmosphere though which sound waves could travel?

I guess this kind of goes back to the question of why do destroyed ships float downward in space?
Ultimately I think the all sound effects and their triggers could use another few Dev passes.

I hope this is only regarded as constructive criticism, I understand why the UI change has been made but I have to mirror everything Amun Ra said at the start of this thread, the new UI from a navigation, design and usability standpoint is a massive step backward compared to the old design.

I know others have already said it looks far more basic than the original UI, I think other than being more difficult to navigate its this and the look that seem disappointing.

Importantly, the look of the new UI doesn’t feel like Dreadnought, it doesn’t represent the game any longer, where as the old UI had a certain design touch that coincided with rest of the game design.

Now it could just be I was more used to the old UI and new players will never notice this, but I feel like having lost the old design/style we have lost part of what made Dreadnought…. Dreadnought.

Hopefully moving forward, and with a solid working base UI to build on the new UI’s look, feel and navigation can be improved over time…. Which leads me onto a question for the Devs, are there any plans to change, update or modify the new UI in the works?

LYB-Amun Ra#7368 posted (#post-226372) said:

While I do like the idea of an updated UI, personally I feel it took a little bit of a step backwards. The menu looks like something I would see in a web design class at school and it is incredibly bulky.

Another downside is the menu for playing the game. I lose count of how many clicks it take to actually start the queue.

The tech tree menu is....displeasing to look at to say the least. Why can't I hover over modules to see what they are before I equip them? Why are the icons for each module so huge that they seem to be crammed in to fit in the screen because they are so big?

The market's owned and unowned items mixed in together is crazy, there's no organization.

The ability to do a 360 degree rotation to look at my ship is great and all but all of the menus eclipse half of my screen that there is almost no point.

To end my little complaint aspect, all buttons or icons are incredibly bulky and makes everything feel claustrophobic.

Edit* This is specifically things I have noticed that I personally would like better. Nothing I mentioned above break the game in any way or make it unplayable.

Hay DN,

  • Noticed that no tick appears in the top right corner of the Officer Briefing to represent it being unlocked (the same as the other unlocked modules) despite being unlocked and equipped

  • Would recommend that unlocked modules are represented with a solid rather than transparent background, makes it easier to see which modules are unlocked

  • Make menu navigation faster and easier to use by making the (file path style) HOME . EDIT SHIP DETAILS . MODULE TECH TREE more obvious

  • Would recommend removing the start-up / loading screen recommendation for converting Free XP - as new player might not understand that they are using GP during this conversion process initially

  • GPU usage on hangar screen still 100% - I thought one of the objectives of the new UI was to eliminate this issue?

  • Hero ships displayed in HOME . MANUFACTURER . 'JUPITER ARMS' ect seem to disappear off the right side of the screen - looks a little odd

  • Would suggest displaying overall ship progression (EG: 9/29) on Manufacturer tree display menu

  • On Loadout screen when clicked on a different weapon or module, Escape key to close module/equipment options rather than revert to previous menu?

  • Option to set menu transparency?

  • Make Loadout options A and B more apparent - Was being dumb and didn’t see the two loadouts due to having previously renamed them...

  • Hovering over Weapons Modules and Officer Briefings in the EDIT LOADOUT screen does not tell you what the equipment is, all you have to go on is the icon, you then have to click on the icon to see the tool-tip type pop-up descriptions for the various options you have unlocked. Would be more streamlined just to open a tool tip by hovering over your currently equipped items without needing to click on them

  • An option (tick box) whilst looking at ship cosmetic items to show only owned cosmetics

Hay Grimm,

I'd love to help out and get some of the other guys I fly with involved, thinking it could be great fun, and am always up for helping the new guys.

Currently moving house right now IRL and will be a couple of weeks before I can get my office setup again for game purposes. But after that i'll give you guys a shout on Discord.

Ta, Ebz

Last drop was four days ago according to my Twitch, nothing since then. I was received a good number of Twitch drops until four days ago.

Nuke salvo:

"You don't buff a counter to a module then nerf the module..." - Spartantrex

This, plus what I posted earlier

Hay Agent, I feel for you and your guys with your new T3 experience, however I would recommend sticking with it, persevere and you will be rewarded with the same great experience you described towards the end of your Recruit Match experience and I’m sure you will then enjoy Veteran as well. Don't worry we have all been through this...

In some ways, playing T3s now is a more enjoyable experience than a few months ago, as many T3s have been buffed significantly with one of the recent patches.

Even as a Rank 50 player playing with a squad of four Rank 50 highly experienced players you can still consistently get rolled over by more experienced squads of enemy players. This ‘can’ be due to the modules the enemy has at their disposal, however its more likely due to player skill and squad coordination. A prime example of these superior squads would be SOS and AAD, both have almost all modules and ships at their disposal, but its their tactics and coordination that makes them particularly deadly, and unfortunately not particularly enjoyable to face off against.

In regards to the matchmaking system, (these are my personal assumptions based on pre 1.10) that matchmaking matches you both with and against players based ‘primarily’ on the amount of total research points you have accumulated on the ships currently equipped in your fleet loadout/composition.
The system also seems to take into account other factors such as what tier the ships you have equipped (although its not clear if how many ships you have equipped changes things – I would assume so based on the guess that the total RP has an impact on matchmaking). And your Rank might also have an effect.
Finally, understand that matchmakings main goal is to populate and start matches, so if there are few players online, or its not a peak time, your more likely to be matched against those who are online despite their comparison to yourself…

My advice to yourself and your gaming clan is to join and speak to the players on the unofficial Dreadnought Discord server run by Chipinators here:
The people on Dreadnought Discord are great, and without trying to sound cliched really helped me up my Dreadnought game, and ultimately allowed me to enjoy playing Dreadnought more.

Finally, other than a good understanding of the gameplay, mechanics and modules, games can be won and enjoyed with better squad cohesion and coordination…. Teamplay.

Looking forward to seeing you guys around! o7

Dear DN, thanks for the latest patch and continued development of the game. Having played quite extensively last night after the release of 1.10 and grouping up with and talking to the usual suspects on Discord (Shazbot, TENZIN, Krankhaft, PAX, Captin Ahab, Strayed, ect….). We were sharing the same ‘initial’ opinions of the 1.10 patch which I’ll mention in order of (personal) priority below.

The patch was supposed to give players more choice or variation in which modules they ‘would have to unlock’ (and now pay credits for), however from having looked through my T4 ships, I’m now going to have to pay the credits to buy more modules I’m ‘unlikely’ to use to reach the 17 module unlock requirement for the T5 ship.
For this reason, I don’t feel that the 1.10 patch has achieved the goal of giving players meaningful choice or progression with their module unlocks or progression towards their next ship upgrade.
At this time, I have no positive or negative feelings on the change from a tech ‘tree’ to a more linear module progression unlock system.

Can I please suggest that the module purchase requirement for the next ship be significantly reduced, or the credit cost of the modules be reduced instead? Getting the credits necessary to purchase all the modules to unlock the next ship is still the most frustrating part of unlocking ships, just as it was before the 1.10 patch.
This suggestion also forwarded to DN MrFixIt who was on Discord at the time.

I was consistently scoring over 2000 points per game last night and never received more than 2500 credits even with battle bonus (and presumably first win of the day bonus). In one match where I scored over 3000 points I was awarded under 1500 without battle bonus, which meant that for every point scored I was getting less than 0.5 credits, which either seems like the games math is off, or credit reward has been reduced. Please note that Shazbot, TENZIN and Captain Ahab can corroborate the above claimed scores and I would be happy to provide my game logs if you would like to investigate further.

I have not used any ‘nuclear’ weapons systems in patch 1.10 ‘yet’, however its clear from both friendly reports (TENZIN) and myself being hit by enemy T4 Nuke Salvo (now T4 Starling Missile) that nukes are a lot less effective than they were, as per the earlier proposed balance changes….
However, anti-nuke lasers now appear to be extremely effective against nuclear missiles (as you would expect) and early testing does NOT indicate that the old problems with unclear missiles have been fixed, including poor accuracy and buggy re-entry or detonation mechanics.

As others and I had said on the proposed 1.10 balance thread earlier, weapons systems that had/have technical issues or bugs need to be fixed before their values are changed please.

Without incurring the wrath of sniper mains, and PAX as much as I love you, all snipers with the ‘possible’ exception of the Oberon line need to be examined for re-balancing, personally I’d like to see something like a DPS reduction on the JA and AV snipers. A lower alpha on their shots or slower firing rate, especially for T3 snipers with their extended range over the T4 (and presumably T5) counterparts.

I like the Hangar lighting change and the fact that both ends of the hangar are now open to space, however it would be great to be able to moderate or turn off the hangar light please.

I do NOT think the new Bix voice suits the character at all, and I am and Englishman from London (which is what I think the new Bix voice is trying to emulate). I thought the previous Bix voice, which can still be heard in hangar over the loudhailer/announcements was a better fit for the character.

Haven’t noticed any spawning mechanic or AI changes (yet).

Gratefully I have not encountered any crashes or errors which have disrupted my play or the games stability.

Problems with in game messaging and the bug which can kick players out of squad if they do not wait for the ‘lacking remaining captains – returning to hangar’ counter to get to 00:00 remain.

The new JA Orion hero ship looks amazing and would love to get it in future, again like the Zilant, I’m a little surprised its only a T2 ship? We all agree that the Orion looks like a JA destroyer T6 variant….

Slightly disappointed that there were no PVE inclusions (other than improved AI) in 1.10, and am very much looking forward to PVE and Havoc mode on PC in future.
In the meantime, I would highly recommend improving the rewards from Proving Grounds to satisfy those of us who would like to ‘level up’ a T3 ship but get immediately destroyed PVP – this is a consistent issue I have with the Ballista which both before and after 1.10 will get focused by other snipers and destroyed in ONE HIT from full HP! Very annoying and keeps on happening, again happy to provide logs if this helps identify an ongoing bug of some kind.

Update/patch download and deployment was seamless and very quick, didn’t even seem to download 1.10, so I’m guessing elements of the patch were rolled out via launcher before the official launch of 1.10?

Looking forward to testing the changes! Hope the roll out goes well!

Hay guys,

Any update on the percentages?

Go team JA!