so yeah, i just unlocked my first T5 ship (the brutas) and i was excited to play it but the queue times are horrendous. It took me 25 mins to find my first match and anoter 20 mins for my second match.

How are the queue tims for T5's still this bad? Ive been playing for a while now and ive always heard how bad it was but i thought the situation should have gotten better by now. I guess i was just assuming more people would have T5's by now.

Anyway, what is the best time to find T5 matches? im in europe btw

DN_MiguelItUp#0468 posted (#post-233971) said:

Our teams are actively working on the blue screen fixes. We'll be providing more details as soon as we have them locked into place and finalized.

ok, but until then we just have to put up with crashes every other game? you guys have said these crashes are rare, well i beg to differ because they happen at least once every 4 games. are we going to get any compensation?

i dont understand how the game is so unstable now... it used to be fine

ive seen this has been reported many times before and the mods have said that hot fixes have been deployed but they cleary havent worked becuase the game still crashes 2-3 times every hour.

I came back and started playing again this week but my god the crashes are ruining it for me. I was thinking off buying some ship skins and patterns but you have no chance getting my custom while the game is this unstable, which is sad because i absolutely love the core concept and when the game works well its a very fun experience.

the game is super grindy as it is, but when you throw in these random crashes (which seem to happen late game for me so i miss out on exp etc) it really puts me off. I was top of the score board in one game with 12 kills and very close to winning when the game crashed so i couldnt rejoin, it needs to be fixed asap.

the new UI is such a pain to navigate because there doesnt seem to be any way to quickly access tech trees, plus the menus are laggy on ps4. It makes looking for officer briefings a real chore.

is there A list of all officer briefings and where to find them?


or do they unlock for individual ships only? If its individual ships then i have a very hard desicion between my blud and jutland lol.

Also, im guessing if it is only for individual ships im guessing they carry over when you upgrade? for example will all skins for my jutland will be available for the monarch?


if i didnt warp into the middle of the enemy team i reckon i could have had a clean run. still, 18kills, 1 death and 9 assists is a pretty good imo :p

ive seen them get within range of a target but i still havent seen them do any damage. they just seem to circle a target and do absolutely nothing

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Good players will simply shoot down your Interceptors. So rather unreliable damage, best used to punish players not paying a lot of attention to the whole battlefield.

i bought the interceptors for my jutland and after playing a few games I have yet to actually see them do anything.

in fact they just make me miss my broadsides and i regret using my free experience to unlock them.

also, why is using a phone to write on this forum such a horrible experience?

i've been reading some grim things concerning the last update which is disappointing because the game was heading in the right direction.

now that everyone plays on NA servers is there much lag for those of us in the EU?

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I'd contact support. No one here can help other than tell you to reinstall.

Link to support is in my signature.

i already have. I was just wondering if it was happening to aanyone else.