Well that confirms it. I've tried all weekend to find games andhaven't been able to find a single one.

This game is officially dead on ps4

I've started playing again after a break but it's nearly impossible to find a game. It took 25 minutes to ffind my last game

it can be tough to break a heal-ball but its possible. you can break them with nukes, or my favourite strategy is to ram the F out them!

Once you take out one tac cruiser, they all seem to panic... also tac cruisers tend to have a severe case of tunnel vision so are very susceptable to sneak attacks.

this is how i deal with them. obviously it doesnt work every time, but its more effective than not.

i love the vindicta... without a doubt its my favourite ship to play as! The thing i like doing most however is ramming people with my plasma ram!

Im at the point where i want to start optimising my ship so im wondering what the best set-up is in order to fully utilise the plasma ram. I just unlocked engine rigger which compliments the build as it allows me to close distances faster but do you guys have any suggestions on how to equip my vindicta to get 100% out the plasma ram?


edit: just had a pretty epic game of 12 kills, 1 death, 7 assists if anyone likes watching dreadnought videos

"with a deafening roar and whoosh of spray it swung about and drove at full speed towards the waiting Martians..."

i hear that line every time switch targets to help a team mate who is getting over whelmed.

i normally ram the F out of them with my plasma ram. once you take out one the whole lot start to panic. Also, most tac cruisers have a real bad case of tunnel vision so their situational awareness isnt all that great lol.

heres a short video of it in action. bear in mind, it doesnt always work this well but if you can take one out before you die its a pretty good trade off.... as long as the rest of your team puts pressure on them afterwards that is.

Enterprise_NC1701#2026 posted (#post-205638) said:

Just wait till you reach t4. All I say is: "Happy crappy grind"

i already have a number of t4 ships such as the vindicta and jutland. the grind doesnt bother me so long as the gameplay is fun.... which it is

i played dreadnought a lot when it was first released on ps4 and i think i stopped playing around the time we were told battle bonus was coming. by that time though i was burned out with the repair fees so i moved on to other games.

After having such a long break i decided to give it a go today and see how the game has been shaping up and i have to say that im really impressed!

most if not all the issues the game had seem to have been adressed and im hooked once more. during my time away i still followed updates about the game on FB and in all honesty major AAA studios could take a leaf out of your book in the way that you interact with your community.

im not really sure what the purpose of this post is besides saying well done. im back in the helm of my vindicta and will definetly be supporting you going forward with some in game purchases here and there.

keep up the good work

Weaverkill#3038 posted (#post-144638)

How about Voice commands on PS4? Perhaps for your primary abilities for example saying "Shields" triggers them instead of touching the pad, allowing you to manoeuvre and not take your thumb off the analog sticks. I suppose it gives you a bit of fun depth too being a Captain and all. I've only started playing first time on ps4 just over a week ago so apologies if this has been brought up before. smile Salutes

that could be kind of fun but considering how often im swapping between shields, guns and thrusters id sound like an utter mad man lol.

something needs to be done about the touch pad though, its so inconsistent and doesnt work as intended half the time.

Captain Nemo#8277 posted (#post-145019)

Why do you have problem with tacts if you have 5.5k kills and 7.7 K/D ratio?

how do you check your stats? im on ps4 btw