I'm not very vocal on these forums, but here's my 2¢.

For me this game has died. What was a fun experience has turned to frustration and annoyance since P2.0 dropped. When I play video games I don't want to feel a sense of futility. I have just a few hours a week when I can game. I'm a busy person. I pick a game I like and spend my available time on that one game. Dreadnought was that game. I thoroughly enjoyed Dreadnought before P2.0. I enjoyed it so much that I even broke my usual FTP rule (not spending a cent) when I bought the Mercenary pack. I chose to spend money on this game because I saw value here. Hero ships, awesome customization options and some GP to spend. I wanted to support the development of what WAS the best FTP game I'd ever played.

That is over now. If the Devs were endeavoring to create a more engaging/meaningful progression system then they have missed that mark. I know that may be hard to understand for those who are new to the community, but this is not the same game. The grind/reward factor has gone out of control. The imbalance created by tier system is painful. The outrageous devaluation of GP is depressing. Don't even get me started on the free XP racket. The penalty system (see maintenance) is crippling.

It's pointless to wish for it to be undone because the Devs have made it clear that this is the way they want it. The time has come to find something enjoyable to do with my spare time. This is no longer it. Bye

Jeslis#8939 posted (#post-51038)

Did find something funny tho.

If you play your T4 hero ships.. they gain ship xp like all other ships.. meaning, if you play your hero ship, you are CENSORED yourself over progression wise.. as you only earn what.. 20%? free xp to be used on working your way down the Tiers?

Unless they pay MORE money anyway to convert the shipxp off their hero ships... Lol.

This pi$$ed me off soooooo very much. I payed for hero ships because I liked the customization options they afforded me. When I read the following from the P2.0 update I thought there might be a good reason to use them to speed up my progression.

"...since these legendary vessels are fully researched, the XP they yield can be directly converted into Free XP, which you can use within any ship’s Tech Tree."

They make no mention that this costs money. The fact I have to pay again to use the XP I gain from using something I've already paid for is just ridiculous. I dislike P2.0 more every day



First impressions: I have yet to play a tier based combat game that I liked. IMO specialization and tactics trumps ships that are simply better because of a higher tier. I hate the maintenance system. We don't need more steps between us and our next match. I will give this a fighting chance to change my mind, but these changes have seriously worried me.

I was in love with this game, but I think that it has changed to the point I can no longer recognize it any more. It may no longer the game that I fell in love with just a few months ago.

I desperately hope to be proven wrong.