Since this post is coincidently by a guy I just had an unfortunate encounter with involving a rather angry Vindicta pilot, I will go ahead and add on to this.

I really would like to see ramming reworked, since ramming is a really cool idea, but not in its current state.

Simply put, dying over the span of a few seconds with little hope of defending yourself is always frustrating in any game. It's not fun. Corvettes have similar capabilities, but they aren't anywhere near as annoying to deal with and never have been despite their recent "rework". And that is because there are many ways to counter a Corvette swooping in, but when it comes to a ramming Vindicta your options are extremely limited in comparison. Sure, you can try and deter their approach by firing your guns and spewing missiles in its direction, but even unloading everything you have, best case scenario is you temporarily delay him and are stuck focusing on this one player. Next best case is you take it down with you as your team slowly realizes what is going on. There is generally no way you are going to do the same amount of damage to a Vindicta that it will do to you with a ram and flak fire, although admittedly that is the point of ramming but it should at least be avoidable like with Corvettes. Continued comparisons to Corvettes of course because every other ship in the game is rather simple to avoid dying to. Yes, there are ways to try and counter a ramming Vindicta, but these counters are nowhere near as effective of convenient as any other counters in the game between classes, which should be cause for examination if nothing else.

I think the most annoying part of ramming is that even if you successfully dodge someone, they can then immediately come to a complete stop, turn to the side, and give you the tap of death. That just makes no sense what so ever from a gameplay or even "realism" sense. If anything, make the damage severely fall off when speed is decreased, end the ram ability's timer when you are going to slow, or otherwise remove this part of the ramming ability's effectiveness. To avoid straight up nerfing the ship, I would even recommend buffing the ram's collision detection to make it somewhat easier to hit things afterwards. This would keep the ram actually acting like a ram and make it a bit more avoidable for those who are aware of their surroundings.

It is also worth noting that these insta-kill setups are the most damaging to newer players, which really isn't a group that needs abused for the population counter's sake(someday Legendary fleet… someday…) With the Vindicta you do at least have to reach the Veteran fleet first, but it really does not take long to get up to tier three.

I feel that I should also point out that the only ramming ship that is truly problematic is the Vindicta, since it's rare I see it work well at all for the others... a poor Dola trying to ram you is one of the most pitiful sights to see in this game.

Complaints aside, I have truly enjoyed this game for a long time and the fact that this is the only gripe I have particularly strong feelings on is a good sign. Keep doing what you're doing devs, plus you know, maybe look at the rams a bit.

It would certainly be nice if real consequences for this sort of negative behavior could be added down the road, as right now people can do/say whatever they want. Not that I have run in to many people deserving of it, but still.

PoeticPixels#0665 posted (#post-117971)

How long is the beta going to run? Will progress be saved or wiped?

I don't know about how long, but there shouldn't be any more progress wipes. You can progress without worry.

Okay so guess that answers that. Editing a post more than once deletes it for some reason.

In abbreviation since I'm not typing that a third time:

Koschei sad. Koschei shouldn't be as sad. Why only Koschei intentionally nerfed. Then Dreadnoughts sad. Players sad which is normal.

Erm, my post is gone. Guessing I deleted it while trying to edit which would be impressive...

Ah well, here we go again:

Koschei nerfs had to happen in some form but the hits to its tankiness in my opinion weren't a great addition. I could live with the significant nerfs to its healing capabilities, but being the bullet-sponge healer is part of what makes it special.

There's certainly an element of the typical gaming issue where players prefer buffs while nerfs bring up negative feelings, but there are very valid concerns here. Note that the Koschei was the only ship to be specifically targeted for a nerf for some reason. Of course there was also the Adrenaline Shot nerf, which feels like it was primarily targeted towards the Koschei, but will in reality significantly affect the Dreadnoughts, Aeons and whatever else uses it. Dreadnoughts don't need more problems right now.

BadAlchemy#4871 posted (#post-117200)

Tried Nox with changes.... gone from being a top 3 player to worst score and damage and now my finger hurts after one match.

WORST UPDATE EVER. Thanks for ruining my favourite ship.

I was curious about this part though. They made these ships fire faster but do less damage, which judging by only the numbers looks like it should deal more overall damage. Sounds like that has not been the experience in this case though.

I am all for a nerf to my glorious Koschei since it sadly had to happen in some form, but now that we have the numbers though I'm not so sure about this. Its tankiness diminishing doesn't seem like a great addition, while I could have lived with the significant hit to its healing potential if that was it. There's certainly an element of the typical players loving to see buffs and nerfs bringing up more negative feelings, but there are very valid concerns here. Note that the Koschei was also the only ship to be specifically targeted for a nerf for some reason. Of course there is also the Adrenaline Shot nerf which feels like it was done purely to further nerf the Koschei, but will also be a significant issue to the Dreadnoughts and Aeons who use it. Dreadnoughts really don't need more problems even if the Jutland is receiving a bit of love.

I am interested in that removal of damage falloff from Tesla Turrets though. The poor range and extreme damage falloff were what made the Light Machine Guns a bit more appealing but I'm thinking it might be time to switch back.

BadAlchemy#4871 posted (#post-117200)

Tried Nox with changes.... gone from being a top 3 player to worst score and damage and now my finger hurts after one match.

WORST UPDATE EVER. Thanks for ruining my favourite ship.

I was wondering about that. Strictly from the numbers it looks like it should be able to do more damage if it can take advantage of the increased rate of fire, but that may not translate to a better ship in-game.

First of all the Koschei is my favorite ship and by far the one I play the most.

The Koschei's ability to fully heal a Dreadnought in a matter of seconds while under fire, effectively keep as much of the team as will stay near it alive indefinitely, and ridiculous score bonus for healing really needs to be reigned in one way or another.

The planned nerf, in my opinion, is an alright way to go about this. Adrenaline Shot should give you a nice increase in energy while healing but not make your shield impossible to break unless hit by some sort of drain module, and the range nerf potentially just means you can't heal everyone on the map at the same time anymore. It only mentions medium range healing so when working with the ships around you nothing should be different.

I would still like to see the score potential lowered for them since a Koschei will almost always be at the top of a team or at least near it, but these changes should help here some anyway. Now if they could just rework the ramming system so there is an effective counter I would be overjoyed...

That might be intentional but going to need some confirmation. I seem to remember it causing crashes for one reason or another so they simply disabled the option. I also thought this had been fixed, but now that I check it's unavailable for me as well.

I am a bit curious about the ribbons. Is that really the complete list as of today? Because I am seeing a few additional ones in the Statistics screen:

Fighter Warfare Ribbon

Assault Ship Warfare Ribbon

Winner Ribbon

Good Sport Ribbon

Concentrator Ribbon

Bloodthirst Ribbon

Goal Oriented Ribbon

Fearless Ribbon

Finisher Ribbon

Final Blow Ribbon

There are also three variants of the Battle Assistance Ribbon, all with different background art.

Some are pretty easy to figure out, and others not so much.

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they sort of mentioned they are against this idea,

because they feel that it should require some skill to be a good healer and they dont want to just provide us with perfect intel on the situation all the time.

instead we should learn to get our own intel and just have situational awareness and stuff

Making it harder to acquire important information doesn't equal skill. With that thinking we might as well disable the whole UI or make it a horrible unreadable mess.

Naturally healers are a bit too strong right now either way but that's a balance issue.