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People are using the discord group to play TE from what I understand.

I'm on the regular discord, is there another server I don't know about?

Sorry about the crappy image/upload its all I could manage for the moment.

(NOTE: fleet size doesn't matter, the bug will effect each ship in your fleet equally; earned = 3433, obtained = 2764).

Let me know if the link doesn't work :/

How do you upload a screenshot to the forum?

Has anyone successfully joined an T.E. since the update?????

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Thanks for the response Ebeneezer!

As per Ebeneezer's comment Cakensworth, know that what's going on with the score/XP right now is something that was not intended and our teams are looking into it. We're hoping to have that fixed as soon as possible as we agree that it's a critical issue. Do stay tuned on the forums and our social pages for further updates.

Thank You!

One up this one, separating score and gains was a bad idea.

I agree, separating score and exp was a bad call.

The devs said that they want participation to count for something, but in doing so made it all that counts.

Earlier (before the update) one could manage 10k research and 8k credits if they were lucky, now you'll be lucky to manage 5k research and 4k credits. smile

Please address this with haste, devs.

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While this game might not be completely P2W it does have lots of aspects of it. Anyone willing to drop the cash and get the higher level ships will have a clear advantage in this game. As a new player trying this game out I hit a brick wall going into Veteran and trying to use Level III ships versus level IV and it was a most uncomfortable feeling. A true non P2W would have no power increases tied to monetary transactions. IE Cosmetic changes or new ships would be alright if the base starting ships would be on an equal playing field. As a casual player these apparent level difference feel like a cash grab after figuring out the amount of time needed to research and purchase everything for free and be competitive. Add the fact that $100.00 is not enough to buy just the legendary ships doesn't help either.

You make a fair point, you're right in the sense that you can strait off the bat buy a t4 ship and compete well in both veteran and legendary. By doing this you can skip the majority of the ship tech tree, but no matter how much you use that hero ship it will never yield a t5 ship, because the hero ships are not part of the tech tree system, especially when it come to progressing to the next ship tier. The developers designed it to work like that for a reason, no matter how much you pay a better ship will always be available in the ship tech tree. This rewards the players who are dedicated to the game, whilst also allowing money spenders to get cool gear.

Let's talk money graybox.

So far I'm mostly happy with how the financial approach has turned out for dreadnought, but there are a few things I'd like to touch on.

First off I love the idea of having a f2p that's not a p2w, please keep it that way. smile

Second, I saw that a new hero ship has released for 1500 graybox points, although a tier 3, still a step in the right direction offering something else besides the expensive hero tier 4s. Let's see some more lesser tier hero ships! Or even perhaps lesser tier copies of hero ships that already exist?! (T3 Akkoro? T3 Morningstar? Etc.)

And finally add another conversion ratio for hero ships (I.E. fully researched ships). This time without graybox points. The one in game can stay there as a 1 to 1 conversion ratio plus graybox points. I'm suggesting another ratio that allows for a 2 to 1 (or perhaps less, but not too much less) conversion ratio. This way if the player has let's say 30,000 research for their hero ship, they can either spend the graybox points to get all 30,000 free xp, or not pay the graybox points and receive just 15,000 free xp.

I hope you consider!!!

Sincerely a paying customer smile

Just pull t4s from veteran fleet to fill the gap, but only t4 fleets to avoid t3s vs t5s.\

What do you guys think will fix legendary fleet?