Im not sure if this game is gonna be a success . Id have to agree the repair cost plus the free xp mechanic converting gold from ship xp into free xp is pretty obvious that essentially its costing a player on a permatch basis. Not to be mean but you have a lobby shooter with no campaign and I havent found any lore yet about this universe or timeline that you've created within the context of the game. The micro transaction repair cost is a little"much" considering xp that needs to go into upgrading ships scales exponentially from tier to teir and the after match bonus for Elite status is comical. Thier maybe fleets or organized players in your game but for the noob who knows no one running with "pubs" and trying to win by himself and then asking him to pay for repairs because his or her fleet was disorganized may IMO reduce potential game population. Im just saying that I for one probably wont play a game where there may or may not be a 12 year old failing because hes taking a repair ship up against a dreadnought(repeatedly) and we loose because of him getting destroyed repeatedly and then expecting me to pay for that in a micro transaction is, how can I put this delicately .... fail