I'll keep checking the game.

Right now it's still horribly optimized. Oddly, the same thing happened with Fractured Space until it became unplayable.

Gorgeous looking game though.

Thought I'd stop in and see how the game was changing since I remembered seeing a beta email a few weeks ago.

Go the grind route, tiered progression, and have to play ships I hate to get to one that fits my play style?

Thanks, no. Please don't turn this game into a clone of a dozen others.

I'll wait a few more months and check in again.

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I disagree, Mr OP.

Respectfully, you don't speak for me, or the majority of my friends.

This brings up my main gripe with Dreadnought, and ironically, it's not about the game - it's this: In my experience with the game so far, there's a few especially loud voices in the community that I feel are spelling a narrative that doesn't represent the majority, despite your claims to the contrary.

  • It's the relentless and bitter cynicism of a select few of the 'old guard' permeating the forums/reddit/discord that has turned many of my fellow space captains away from engaging with the community, and it's not hard to see why.

Just reading some of the comments posted in that triumvirate is draining, let alone participating in conversation. It's hard to find the energy to say positive things or even provide legitimate feedback about the game when there's an elite cadre of dissenters poised to refute and challenge people that express enjoyment about whichever things are currently on the old guard's **** list.

It's by no means all doom and gloom, but for every stalwart voice of reason there is among experienced players encouraging temperance and patience, there's another louder one having none of it.

I've no problem with anybody expressing opinion, at all, but please don't claim to speak for everyone when you post yours.


I've noticed innocent suggestions on the forums tend to get shot down quite quickly by a weary veteran, because someone new to the game can't possibly understand the depths of sorrow someone who still plays a 'broken' game feels.....I've been around for the entire growth of gaming, right from PONG, and it never changes. The claims that 'we the community' are 'abandoning the game', the terrible decisions developers make, if only they would listen to the bright lights who take the time to tell a game coder how to do things, and if only they did it would be perfect.

It is hard to stay positive when negative nellies populate the forums, and not very welcoming. I surfed the forums here before buying a founders pack so I knew what I was getting into. This game isn't the worst I've seen (ED is just terrible right now) and there are a lot of people like you who patiently answer posts.

I like dreads. The best use of torpedos (with corvettes too) that I've found is if you see an enemy ship within range of your main guns (or your team's guns) with low energy, warp in next to it and release. If the ship is alone or with only one or two others you can usually kill it and put up your shields until your warp is ready to use again.

Otherwise, I've used nuclear torps to warp in and get several enemy ships in the bubble - again, best used if they are already engaged with other members of your team.

The only use I've found for them completely solo is if an artillery cruiser is turning your team into scrap, to sneak around until you can warp within range. A scrambler pulse and then a torpedo works well in this case.

Kiiyor said:

In fact, most of the cheesy tactics I encountered starting out have been countered with experience and module unlocks. The game rewards knowledge of game systems, threat recognition and patience, more than it does spur of the moment flying. You learn to manage your vulnerability, and try to limit the time you spend being surprised and reactionary by targets, by recognizing you're in a situation that makes you vulnerable.

Over 60 matches or so I've only seen a couple of rams in action. Situational awareness and keeping some reserve energy is absolutely critical, as well as not straying too far from the rest of your team. I guess it's a matter of match making but I have seen quite a few people playing long range artillery, and some of them do it very well - so well in fact that I usually end up figuring out how to get close enough to them to destroy them, even if I have to lose my ship too, just to give my team some peace so they can stick their heads up to shoot something.

It's not really fair to judge the game based on a few matches, during which you might see the same players on a particular day who might have mods or experience to handle their ship capabilities better and who probably know how to move around the maps without getting shot.

Several days and many matches in different ships will give you a better perspective. Sometimes you're on a team that just doesn't mesh well. Suck it up, there's always another match. I'll go 6/2 and 8/3, and then have 3 matches with 2 kills and 5 deaths because the other team is hardcore defense or really good at staying together and defending each other.

Now that I'm finally starting to get a decent choice of modules the flexibility I can build into my ships is adding a lot to my game play.

Play the game for a while. You'll get to see some fairly complex strategy and develop a few basic skills of your own that are very hard to counter.

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30 mins lol... That's like 2 matches.

I'm firmly in the no auto throttle camp. It removes skill from the game and if you have a hard time coordinating your fingers then that's just part of the skill gap. Get a good gaming mouse like the Razer Naga or the Corsair Scimitar and that should help a lot with your issues

A simple 'keep the thrust on' doesn't seem like too demanding an ask. Ships mods with effects over time as well as Officer Briefings are already fairly automatic.

Auto throttle would definitely add something to the game play. I've been dancing around other dreadnoughts quite a few times, and cycling energy use, timing nuclear detonations or torpedos, or trying to manoeuvre to make a clean get away with warp without warping a hundred feet into an obstacle makes it an easy sell.

I could see using it to guide an enemy into a dead end that they can't warp out of, or to break a healer-dreadnought pair, or yeah, just getting into a match after spawn.

Resurrection complete.

Found this thread. New people might like to know where to team up with other Dreadnought players.

It's a beta. Did you miss that?

Yes, the maps are somewhat limited, but each map has dozens of paths, hiding places, and strategically placed obstacles that come in quite handy when you need to get out of the line of fire of a missile barrage.

If you see a bug, report it. There are still a few.

5 V 5 matches are always different. Sometimes you get on great teams that work well together.....and sometimes not, but the number of possible team configurations with 5 players is enormous. I was on a team with 3 corvettes last night, and we did quite well (won), which is tough to do.

Sniper ships are easy meat for corvettes if you don't know your mods well enough or don't pay attention. If you were flying something else, well, nuclea rmissiles, snipers, missiles, area effect debuffs.....any number of other things could have been happening that you didn't notice.

BTW corvettes dump torpedos and can 'one shot' you, but they are also likely using their primary weapons too. They cannot one-shot most ships and usually have to dump and run against teams that do have situational awareness.

I suggest you play a few dozen matches before deciding if it is just another space game. Once the game is in open play status there will probably be more maps, but remember each map is very complex as it is.

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If an FP sink is needed, FP to rent weapons that might be marginally better in some way (range, damage, reload time, clip size, etc) for 1,3,7, or 30 days.

Even better armor, better engines, more turrets.....there are loads of ways to get end-game people burning through FP without adding a blind repair system. That's the one thing that got me to stop playing WoT, the punishing repair expenses at high tiers even with a paid account. The 'best' players in WoT typically hold their shots not to help kill the enemy, but to get the finishing shot while taking the least damage in the process.

Insert screaming no meme from the office. Premium weapons is one of the fastest ways to kill a game.

he's asking for FP weapons, not GP ones

premium = GP

he just wants the normal currency ones (granted since you can convert GP into FP it is a bit of an issue still but :p)

I know exactly what he said. Even using FP to buy "premium ammo" is still one of the worst game mechanics ever. Creates an even wider rift between the experienced and inexperienced players and adds a new layer of balancing and they already said they couldn't balance single tier alone so how could they ever hope to balance something as complex as this.

Range, damage, reload time, clip size..... But you focussed on 'premium ammo'. They were all suggestions for ways to burn FP when end-gamers start stacking it and have nothing to do with it. Other things such as bigger energy buffers, faster base thrust, or a hundred other things could easily be made available for short term 'rent' with FP.

As it is there is a very limited selection of weapons for each ship type and it gets easy to tell what each ship is capable of doing when you see it on the other team.

If you want to focus on ammo that's up to you, but I wouldn't want this to turn into WoT either, so the answer for long term playability breaks down into the devs putting a lot of work into developing dozens of new weapon systems or modules over the long term, or over the short term taking modules that already exist and duplicating them with the marginally increased stats.

There's many ways to work it, such as no ship capable of having more than two upgraded modules (the ships setup seems to involve a lot of tradeoff anyway). In any case there's no need to bring out the 'kill the game', 'game mechanics', or 'game balance' hammers everyone seems to use. Righteous indignation isn't a suggestion. If you don't like my ideas that's okay, I've been around a while and played quite a few games so I do have some perspective on what keeps people interested. You may have different ideas. If so, share them. I thought we're here to try to make this better and give the devs a reason to peek in here.

I've been playing The Division for a while, and except for a few DLCs there's no particular reason to play the game all that much. There's nothing to buy no matter how much in-game money you have, tiered armor and weapons is a boring grindfest, and PVP is a crapshoot. Sometimes you get out with decent loot (or get shot getting it airlifted out), or you get camped inside the Dark Zone by some uber-equipped guys and have to log out until they go away.

For the most part though, the lack of real customization limits what is at heart a pretty good game. Nevertheless, it's been a few months since I played it.

A game like Dreadnought this will probably never get into the hundreds of thousands of players, so the core players will need something to stay active and keep it populated so when new people do show up they have something to do.