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System uses your fleet, named fleet-rating, to match you, the three matchmaking brackets are T1-T2, T2-T4 and T4-T5, so if you want to avoid the big bracket, add some t1s to your recruit fleet, this will lower your fleet-rating and should prevent you getting matched with T3+.

Ok, thanks.

So, i have a recruit fleet with only tier 2 ships, but several times i saw myself getting into matchs where people are using their veteran ships.

Shouldn't i just face other recruit fleets if i'm using my recruit fleet, or the fact that i only have tier 2 ships in my recruit fleet, makes me be put into veteran level matchs?

I completely have up on healing in onslaugh matchs.

I can make much more points if i just use a sniper ship and start one shotting the small assault ships that give 30 points each, than i would got if i was healing someone. Plus all the points i can make to the team killing the enemy team, which would be much harder in a tactical cruiser.

Basically, let's punish all the good players by making them earn less credit and xp and reward all the bad players.

That's even without talking about of how easy is to fix matchs if their xp was determined by the lenght of time in the match and how people would get less insentive to play better, because their perfomance doesn't matter at the end.

Also the idea of "upvotes gives you a bonus to xp and credits", could only be thought by a person that want to abuse this system, or is gullable enough to think people won't abuse this.

System is fine as it is. Good player make more xp and credits and are able to reach high tiers without spending a dime if they want, while bad players have 2 options: get better at the game, or buy premium accounts and ships to increase the speed of their progress.

I just started playing after my game downloaded 15GB of updates, and i don't see the mode where you only had 1 life and now there's this new pve thing mixed into random battles.

If you guys want to add pve, that's fine, but i don't play this game for this and if i want to play only pvp, everytime i'm going to enter a battle, i need to open a menu to choose what type of battle i want, if i don't do this, i can be randonly assigned to a pve battle, which not only is too easy, but it gives a smaller reward too.

If you need a reference point look at warthunder, their UI is a mess, but at least the game remembers what type of battle you chose and you only need to click the "battle" button.

The tech tree UI got a litle better, because now you can see how many credits something costs before researching it, but i still have no idea what's the main gun of each ship, because when i open the ship's modules for research, it only shows me the secondaries. I still remember boughting the Furia thinking it was a sniper like the Tugarin, when in fact it has a completely diferent main gun.