I mean, if you feel a need to search your feelings, please do so. I don't think it's necessary for enduring scramble though, but hey to each their own.

Anyways, nowhere did I say get good. Just that I have a base expectation, and maybe you don't meet it, and it's fine if you don't.

If you can completely wipe out a team with scramble, scramble isn't the problem. It barely affects healers since the majority of their heals are autonomous, it barely affects dreads since they rely more on short-duration LOS skills and defensive skills which don't require you to see. Corvettes shouldn't even be near their team, nor artilleries for the most part (at least not to the extent they can be scrambled). The only ones that'd truly be affected by scramble spam are medium and heavy destroyers. And they should be capable of taking whatever hits are given for the scramble duration, and even respond in kind (who scrambles the scramblers?)

I don't need you to explain scramble to me, considering I've used it and had it used against me, but thanks anyways. It doesn't entirely blind you, you can still make out distinct outlines, and you should still have your whereabouts from before you were scrambled.

Nice quote you have of me. Still relevant, only thing it affects is your vision and that's only to an extent. I consider every other pulse and debuff far more dangerous. I'd rather be somewhat blind and still able to do things as opposed to see the person about to kill my disabled ship.

Also, for the record, I've never set foot in havoc mode, and probably been in proving grounds a grand total of twice. I despise onslaught with a passion (80% of the "all" queues ffs). Also I should mention I've fought against the exact scenario you're mentioning and you know what me and my team did? We stopped clustering together, and whaddya know we won.

It shouldn't even affect dreads or tacs, it'd just be annoying. For the rest, you can still see decently enough anyways, and use your sense of location before you got scrambled. I'm not sure why you think anything used in tandem shouldn't be that effective. Almost anything in this game timed in tandem can screw you. scramble shouldn't be the exception. I personally consider scramble the least effective pulse. It doesn't even truly blind you, you can still use your energy and abilities, and it doesn't even really affect 2/5th of the roster (to the extent that it results in death).

Agree with DT, nerfing is an eye for an eye. In possibly fixing one thing, something else becomes broken or obsolete. That being said, power creep also exists. It comes down to this - The damage capabilities of all ships in the game make it so that healers aren't optional. Without heals, dreads, heavy destroyers would become obsolete for the most part. Changing the game at this point to accomodate for no heals simply isn't a realistic option. You say damage and hits feel meaningless when they're repaired instantly? Would you rather dread fights last 20-30 seconds, after which you have to slog back from respawn just to die again?

@JinxedJoker 114.8 hours since the last and final reset. Or, less than 5 days. 1/61, for multiple t5 (and 4) ships. Not just a jutland.

it doesn't. Just learn how to pop shields off menory and not vision problem solved

Except even now, there are people who are in tiers they don't belong in. Recruit, vet and legendary aren't just t classify ships, they're to classify players. Making the grind EVEN EASIER than it already is will simply result in even more frustration and less player retention as people with little to no experience rush headlong into players with months of experience.

You're a bit deluded if you think the game is pay to win. Pay to progress does exist in DN, but it isn't "killing player retention". The amount of money required to progress substantially is in itself a substantial amount, so very few actually do that.

If it takes A YEAR to grind ANY ship in this game, even the dola, from t4 to t5, you're not playing the game, or you are playing as well as a hamster on drugs. Heck even a hamster on drugs queuing up and hopping on the keyboard could do better than that. Elite/xp conversion are not that big of a deal as you make it out to be. In the end it still comes down to how you are as a player. I haven't bought elite, excluding when I bought the founders pack. I have 9 t5 ships (haven't played in 2-3 months) and have a surplus of 2.6 mil exp on my vindi, and 800k on my valcour. The only significant means to boost progress assuming you play decently is buying credits, as there is a huge divide between exp and credits gained. But again. Ship's only as good as the captain.

There's nothing wrong with my comprehension, and I did read the whole post. I was showing a contrast between what the OP is saying. Initially it seems they wanted a "non-major" nerf on corvettes. Now it seems they want better tracking. The OP seems conflicted as to what they want.

You can effectively counter corvettes and maintain a role. Literally every single class in the game can do that already. If ALL real players on the enemy team were corvettes and you lost, you're doing something wrong. That should be laughably easy to counter, no heals, no tanks, no long range damage. Free win.

Perhaps instead of just leaving games with corvettes seeking easy wins you should try to actially learn from when you die to them. You don't get better at something by avoiding it. Not to mention you're ścrewing over the rest of your team.

Lando Calrissian#2323 posted (#post-216997) said:

Anti-Vindicta Tactics for the Vigo include sitting behind your team (up high is a plus if you're not getting shot at) and countering any approaching Vindicta's with Stasis Ammo - watch enemy Vindictas fume as they sit Stasis'd.

Yes, you like doing that don't you Lando -.-

Pretty much any ship can chew up dreads if they're not aware of their surroundings. It's the assault class of it's line. The athos has 2k more range versus the vindi, and is basically a sniper. A weapon boosted and amp'd athos can do even more damage than the vindi without the need to get close and personal. Meanwhile the dola is the frontliner, there to take hits and give consistent dps.

I thought it was a bit op when I first started playing it too, and then I started playing against people who knew what they were doing. Yeahhhhhh. The vette and des take advantage of people who don't know what they're doing, but when you come against people who do know what they're doing, they become much riskier to play, and hard to play well. I frequently see vindis only getting an eye for an eye, or worse. While the other two classes are more teamplayers, and long range ones at that, the vindi is more of a solo brawler.

tl;dr no, not op