You have an issue with people not sitting around to die? It sure seems so. Anyways, I'm not sure how you're having a problem. You say nuke, that's not really helpful. Does that mean sparklies? Or the ball of doom? Either way, that build shouldn't really kill anything. Nukes without drain pulse do very little, especially versus the ships you play. How do you counter it? Shields. If in the voro, stasis pulse works too if they get close enough (which you have to for sparklies). if in the star destroyer, disrupt them optimally before, but after they attack works too. Drain pulse works too, so they can't escape as quickly, or scrambler so it's harder for them to navigate to safety. Alternatively, call them out to your team and have a vette kill/disrupt them, or an arty stasis/kill them, or a tac purge/kill them.

Also not sure why you have such an issue with scrambler. Imo it's the least dangerous pulse, drain and weapon pulse both get you killed much faster. Scramble just makes it harder to see, whoop dey doo. Lets all just be honest, you spend more time complaining about corvettes and destroyers than trying to figure out how to counter them.

There's no bug afaik. Make sure you're within range

In your words, "Not calling for any major nerf". Implying a call for a minor nerf, nonetheless a nerf.

Time zones. You said "tonight". Where I am it's not even noon yet. Also it's Friday..

RoiL#9923 posted (#post-216846) said:

Most of the players on the corvettes are weak enough, but if the modules and briefings are correctly selected, no one has a chance, the DPS is huge and such a player is easily able to disassemble any ship, even standing in one place, regardless of anything, and such a battle will be lasts no more than 10 seconds. So yes - something in the corvettes must be changed very much.

That's just blatantly not true. I play with some of the best if not the best corvette players in the game, and even they fall quickly to people who know wtf they're doing.


tl;dr yall can't aim, and want vettes nerfed cuz you don't wanna improve your aim. Seems legit

It isn't really interesting. That's kinda how that works ya know. We know what we're doing, and so heal b.alls aren't a problem. I'm not sure why you're displaying people who know how to beat healballs using them as some kind of big secret. It's effective, it's meta. Of course it'll be used. Gameplay has been devolving from anything resembling dynamic? That's a choice made by you. Healballs are effective, they are easy. But they're also dangerous to use, because against even just one person, or especially a team of people that know what they're doing? It lacks damage. 2-3, sometimes even 4 tacs, when 1 tac with a coordinated team can achieve better results. That lack of damage output can be taken advantage of pretty easily.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-216656) said:

LYB-FooJub#4039 posted (#post-216562) said:

One ship can definitely take out a heal ball on it's own. I've seen it done, I've done it. Of course the difficulty of doing so will vary depending on the team you face, but it is most definitely possible. Anti-nuke lasers also have a considerable cooldown. Disrupting, purging, or just waiting all result in the ability to nuke. And yeah, people in squads are more likely to say healballs aren't a problem because they're also more likely to be experienced, and/or older players.

I've done it too. But as you said. It is dependant on the team you face. Nukes also have a long cool down. So Nukes vs ANL is mute really. I do think OB's are the real problem over healing it's self.

Nukes vs ANL is not moot. Ships with nukes are destroyers and dreads. Destroyers are capable of launching up to 4 nukes on their own within a short period of time, and they aren't affected by ANL. Dreads, if frontlining efficiently in tandem with retaliator can be launching nuke(s) every 10-15 seconds. The ships with ANL are corvettes, artillery and destroyers. Ill be damned the day I see a corvette with ANL, so it comes down to med-heavy dessies and artillery. So again, no. Not moot.

Can you shoot them down? Yes, yes you can.

Poor tracking? I think you mean poor aim.

What happens when a corvette parks on the bow of a dread? It doesn't even stop moving before it's incinerated.

Corvette will out-dps dreads? On paper? Yeah. In reality? Big fat nope. Vettes need to be within 1200 km for their guns to have the dps shown. Dreads on the other hand have more than double, and up to 6x as much range, not to mention don't have to constantly break off for fear of their lives. Their dps is constant. Corvette dps is not. The dps of dreads in a match is significantly higher than that of a corvette.

And if you meant damage, not dps, what is the point of a corvette when dreads can do the same damage with 8-9x the health?

Have the guns of corvettes on bigger ships? See above. Not to mention those already pretty much exist in the form of the jutland primaries, and heavy flak.

Corvettes have to have 100% shield absorption, it's their only real means of survival. Even then it's often not enough. If it was equal to other ships absorption level, it would die before the energy was even consumed entirely.

Having 100% shield absorption on dreads is actually counterproductive. It's better to have a balance, otherwise there's zero point in them having such massive amounts of health. With 65% absorption rate, heals are meaningful, and energy for shields can be regenerated at a more meaningful rate. Not to mention, dread shields are time based, whereas corvette shields are damage based.

It's a "slayer role"? What do you want it to be? Pointless role?

If you think playing corvettes or destroyers, particularly vindicta as being a crutch...woo. Please do play them yourself. I think you'll find it's nowhere near as "easy" as you proclaim.

You don't need stasis modules. You don't even need any OB, or any other module. Your primaries, or flak. All you NEED. Other stuff helps, naturally, but they ain't needed except as a crutch.

You don't need a "special magic ice missile".

tl;dr you're screwin up somewhere along the line. Try playing some more and watching how others play before you write a pointless page long rant

Also, just a note. Lategame corvettes are, imo, the weakest class in the game. Or at least in the current meta they are.