One ship can definitely take out a heal ball on it's own. I've seen it done, I've done it. Of course the difficulty of doing so will vary depending on the team you face, but it is most definitely possible. Anti-nuke lasers also have a considerable cooldown. Disrupting, purging, or just waiting all result in the ability to nuke. And yeah, people in squads are more likely to say healballs aren't a problem because they're also more likely to be experienced, and/or older players.

The game is currently in beta*

People rarely communicate in battle? I think you missed my point, or I phrased it incorrectly. I meant the people who I often see complaining about healing, or most anything in the game being op/broken? I don't see those people in the actual game. Indicating they aren't playing enough to give credit to such complaints.

As for healers, as I've said before. It doesn't take a team, or a squad to break up a healball. It helps for sure, but it ain't necessary. And I keep seeing how squads = instawin. The actual communication between us is nowhere near what I believe everyone thinks it is. Do we rely on healers? In a way, yeah. Literally everyone does. They're a required component in any serious fight.

Have I thought how hard it is for 8 random players to kill our healers? No, no I can't say I have. Now that you pose the question though, it really shouldn't be that hard. You think we win because of healers, and communication beyond in-game commands? No. We win because we've all been playing a while, and we're all decent or more than decent at the game. Sometimes we won't even have people in the squad be on comms, and if they are they're silent ftmp.

As for me personally relying on healers, I have the most time by far on destroyers and corvettes...neither of which "rely" on healing. I'm either dead, behind lines, or full health. There's no inbetween.


Kinda sad to see that DN listens to players who probably spend more time on forums than in the actual game. Don't think I've seen a single person who complains about healing being broken more than once, if at all in the actual game consistently. and considering the size of the game currently, that says a lot. Of course, that excludes the ps4 community, but still. From where I'm standing, time and again perfectly balanced stuff is being broken one way or the other in the name of making the game better.

It's nowhere near doubling the damage...and it only really works with the medium dread line. Not sure why you're singling LYB out when it's known and used way more by the rest of the community.

It's in the names. WEAPON amp, WEAPONboost, power to WEAPONS. MODULE amper. The only way to boost module damage or healing, is amper. Amper does not affect weapons. Wepamp, PtW, Wepboost affect weapons. The only way PtW affects modules is with module amper.

First option isn't viable.

Second option, while it would be welcome to me, I doubt would happen as it is related to DN's income.

Imo, all the ships in the game are balanced. Against bots arty may be potent, but the same argument could be made for vettes or dd.

I mean, the scoreboards used to be more geared towards who actually did well, not who scored well. But it was changed. Don't see how this is a "big problem". Most of the ribbons can be figured out by simply playing.