Your offer is worthless and no one will even dare touch your dreadnouget keys in fear of contracting your noobiness

Snipers/Artillery class - time your abilities well! Once you start shooting, they DO KNOW where you are, so try to stay just out of their range and just inside yours. With the trader artillery, you're limited to (I think it's 90) degree arc for your tesla cannon, so learn to keep your nose pointing where you are shooting.

Try to stay close enough to fellow dreadnoughts and healers so that they can provide assistance if needed, but far away enough that if they get attacked or are being shot at, you're not in the way and being hit. A dead artillery is a useless one. This changes a lot with the nox (the level up from the trader), where the primary weapon has a 360 degree firing arc, so you no longer need flak cannons to nail those corvettes that park behind you.

This means you can swing your gun around and 1-shot them smile The nox also has remarkable speed, so unlike the trader ship, the key is MOVING. Always be moving, and use the internal module that jumps you down instead of the cloaking device. If you're not almost always moving you're susceptible to corvette attacks or dreadnoughts jumping at you. I've found that the nox, when power is redirected to engines, is so fast that you can outrun all but a corvette, and even then be able to dodge attacks from anything but. This also makes it a LOT easier to deal with corvettes.

Speaking of evading attacks, I found anti-missile pulse far more useful than anti-missile lasers. Lasers are for when you have the ability to take a few hits here and there since missiles get through. You don't have that luxury with an artillery, so if a swarm of missiles is on your tail, swerve around once they are within 1.5km, go towards them angling left or right, then use the pulse to disable them all at once, leaving you unscathed. The only issue I had with the pulse was with nukes

TLDR: Stay close to friends, not too close. If you use the trader, keep your nose on the target and know when you're decloaked. For the nox, always be moving, use the down-jump internal mod instead of cloak, and use the anti-missile pulse over lasers.

ALSO - tip on fighting corvettes, most of them tend to start shooting you before they launch the missiles that mess you up, so when you hear the sound of the guns/take damage from the side suddenly, use the down-jump, and in that moment of confusion for the attacker, reroute power to engines (shields against a corvette are kinda moot in artillery) and either circle them and use your flak guns and swarm missiles, or your main gun after hitting them with the speed decreasing missile.

Alternatively, most corvettes park behind/to the side of you so their shots are accurate. Use this against them, and after you jump down, instead of rerouting power to speed, reroute to weapons, activate siege mode if it's off cooldown, and blast them :p Good luck! I've found artillery super fun so far

Hey guys, just another quick question (hopefully anyways) I got the $10 founder's pack so my friend and I could play, and we did and it was amazing. Then today, I tried to play again but it tells me I have the wrong password, even though it's the same I used multiple times the other night. Then I try to change it, but can't due to my "old password" apparently being incorrect, and then I check my email to see if anything weird is there, and there is an email saying that my order of the pack failed. This part really confuses me, as when I went to paypal my card was still charged, no refund or bounce. There's still money left on the card as well, so it wasn't that my funds were depleted. I just don't get it. Anyone have the slightest clue as to what's going on? :/

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Just right now its like. why do I have all these dang guns if only 3 of them are going to to fire.

Is this about the Morningstar? Because that was the first ship I saw in the game and its sides bristling with the scattergun broadside cannons look quite impressive, but then when you fire the main guns in game it's nothing much. The broadside guns do also fire but only for that ability. The regular turrets are much fewer but they do all fire as well (although not at once, half of them are the primary guns, the other half the secondaries).

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As for the gun fire, even if they trailed off a klick or two out, would be an improvement coupled with more deeper and rich sounds.

Since you're looking straight at their flight path I don't think that would change much, but how about more turrets in an alternating firing pattern? So you would have more turrets firing, just not at once?

Yessssss this ^ alternatinf fire from all the guns instead of the same 4 or so hard point turrets being used every time

Hey guys, I got interested in this game early on, but never really got a chance to get into it what with school and the game not even being publicly open and such, but now that school is out, and so is the game (relatively) I have a few questions. I did try to find this out beforehand, but got vague or unofficial answers. Sooo...

What are the minimum requirements to run it on PC? (without lag anyways)

If I get the closed beta founder's pack, either one, do the items/benefits carry over to open beta?