A lot of reworking should be a reason when new stuff is currently being worked on, the game is in development with still over 1,000 bugs, and there's no good reason to change the system..

Yeah.... I really don't want to see a tac team with 30-50 arty pods.

Multiplicative OB/modules would be a mess, and would require a lot of reworking. Slow and steady only adding 1%? That is so far from worth it considering other OB. Also, that 100% immunity to damage is practically required in fights where people actually know what they're doing. Even then it's pretty easily countered. Also, that adrenaline shot nerf is hardcore...

Everybody's had to do it so clearly it isn't impossible. You get greater rewards for killing higher tier ships, you have a range advantage over EVERY TIER 1-5, there are also a couple module in t3 without the debuffs t4-5 bring.

Kind of hard for a game not released yet on pc to be dying.

Also, I don't know where your mathematical skills are, but a dps of 3k (optimal) for 3-5 seconds is only 9-15k damage. That's not even enough to kill some corvettes, and that's without shields or damage reduction.

Think of the a-10. Big gun with engines strapped on. I can say having played every ship in the game for a minimum of 10 hours that it isn't op

The koschei is fast? BWAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAA

I think y'all are missing the point. You're looking at how they should be nerfed, not how you can learn to counter them. Even against players at/above my skill level I'm able to typically knock out at least 1 healer/unit in a healball with NO coordination. I frequently end up fighting the majority of LYB members online cuz matchmaker hates me, and I usually can knock out a healer before my a.. handed to me. Statistically, that's only an eye for an eye, but trading a dessie/vette for a healer is worth it, since it opens their team up to yours, since they've lost 1/2 to 1/3rd, or even all of their healing capability if they're solo healing, and my team has only lost one of hopefully multiple dps.

That's with no coordination. Think with just a little coordination what you can do. That's also just one of many many counters/loadouts. 2-3 dessies with blast ram, or one with purge, other with goli. Or plasma. Or vettes with abw, or cloak. Or weaponboosted grenadas. Or Tarturus and/or starling. Tac with nuke mines and warp, blast pulse. Warp dread, tank dread. So many counters. Try using those instead of wasting your time here. Discord server is a thing. So is team chat in DN. So are commands.

Poor sportsmanship on your part.