Destroying healballs requires the simultaneous attack of 2-3 players? I've seen it done by 1 person, having been one of those people. Even in legendary all it takes is a good strike from one player on your team and for the rest of your team to not be bumbling around unaware of the situation to disrupt and consequently murder a healball.

They don't ignore damage resistance aka armor increases, but they do ignore shields

So much abw/ram complaints...gosh people it's not complicated. They're "Melee" range modules. Just about every counter possible is available at that range. Use them.

@Tyrel you're literally suggesting reverting the system to how it was...

@Freenotx Far too dominating of a strategy? Getting healed is dominating? No. Good players are dominating. 0 communication gets a very effective healball? Bull. 0 communication gets a healball any idiot can disrupt. Then again, apparently not. The funny thing about healballs is, it's a ball. Wow. All you need is to tell 1 teammate to purge ram, or tarturus ram, and go ham with the nukes or the mines or the anything that kills. Imagine that. It's not down to countering one mechanic. You make it sound like healing is autowin. It's not. You can have the godddamned best healer in the world but if your team isn't doing what they need to be doing it doesn't amount to jack. Of course a HEALER is going to be somewhat important in a game where automatic recovery takes some time and is disabled in combat. But it doesn't revolve around them. They are a component, not the machine. Stop acting like they are the latter.

Then take the 30 seconds or less it SHOULD take to deliberately not screw up your password. Surely you'd rather spend an extra 10 seconds as opposed to 15 minutes.

No, people like you who would rather call something op than try to figure out how to counter it are ruining this game

If you can't wait 15 minutes out of a 1440 minute day for better account security, I really don't know what to say to you. Besides get it right the first time :p

Thatisblatantlynottrue. EvenwithASyoucankill2koscheiwithoutramprettydameasily


Alternatively, learn how to play the game before ranting. I guess this means I don't have brains though :/