Had the same issue, then I started adding "]" at the end of the quote, then a single space.

So far it seems to work.

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Mostly it'd just look kewl to look kewl]

Which is why it would be a colossal waste of time given the game has real issues to deal with.

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Just because it's easier, doesn't make it better. This solution is to address some issues that I've seen coming by, while keeping it fun and a challenge. If it's too hard to implement, that's up to the devs, I just like this concept and hope they will consider this, or a similar concept (for all I care, just the reload part).

I doubt they'll waste time and energy on such a big change, specially since they already have issues (real issues not aesthetics ones) regarding balance.

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I don't like the reload system in Dreadnought. This is not a shooter where you pull a clip from your gun, insert a new one and fire again. ]

Well, it kind of his actually.

Because it is a lot simpler to balance that way.

The multi turret firing idea is great in paper, but would require to completely re-design the game to make possible.

Heck just think of the interaction between that and Energy to Weapons...

It might hurt the aesthetics of the combat but it keeps things simple and with as little server load as possible.

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All the explanations I see are "it would take time effort and actual care to do so so it wont be done".

It could be game about slow figters/bombers if mechanics that are applied here make your dreadnought firepower look like its reduced to a minimum. Homeworld got it right with frigate class ships. ]

Well, you might want to re-read a few responses then, because it's a question of gameplay.

You desired changes would nerf Dreadnoughts and Destroyers, completely change how the game is played simply to fit your aesthetics.

I played games like you want Dreadnougt to be Starfleet Command was one of the betters, you controlled everything from phasers, to boarding parties, tractors, energy output for weapons, emergency power, comm and so on.

And of course weapons had firing angles that meant good positioning and clever rotation would allow for maximum dps, but Dreadnought is NOT that kind of game and you need to either realize that or play something else.

Dreadnought is WoT like shooter with space ships, not a space ship space sim and the whole game won't be changed to please you.

The reason is IMO, simplicity:

  • Dead angles, angles at which most of your cannons would miss the target

  • Animation load, having to animate more cannons will lead to increasing the number of projectiles that will need to be tracked, I for one would not like the idea of further "delay" added to my shots from server load.

  • Targeting, they would need to converge on a point or have multiple aiming reticles, the 1st option changes nothing other then having to track more projectiles in flight and the second would be an ever bigger load.

  • Gameplay options, right now if a single cannon is able to hit a target you do full damage, doesn't matter if the tip of your ship is all that's visible or the whole broadside. If you make the change you have a huge problem, DN and Destroyers would need to be completely in the open to deal full damage!

This would not be a "buff" to DN and destroyers, but a huge nerf, I for one would not like the idea of the single cannon able to hit that annoying Vette doing 1/8 of my full damage, or how about any other ship just fighting you bellow or above your cannons, effectively halving your dps? Because keep in mind we have cannons on the top and bellow of the ship.

This is of course if the current dps of DN and DS is divided among all the possible cannons to make this more realistic way of shooting, otherwise the OP is asking to quadruple or more the current dps which is out of the question.

All and all, it's not a good idea, maybe keep things as is for the damage calculation and projectile tracking and only add the visual of the other cannons firing, it would give the illusion of a broadside while keeping the game mechanics.

But it would be foolish to spend time and resources on that IMO.

If you need a lore explanation I'll give you one: once the gunner finds the 2 cannons with the optimal firing solution all ECCM (Electronic Counter Counter Measures) power used across the multiples batteries is relocated to those weapons to ensure the enemy ship's ECM (Electronic Counter Measures) don't throw off the targeting system's aim by jamming the signal. (Starfleet Command mechanics for those interested XD)

The problem is not going to be solved by nerfing Vettes, not unless you want Arties to go unchecked.

There needs to be a reliable way to deal with them if you see them coming, if a vette sneaks up onme and I didn't see it until it's emptying their clip on my hull? Good for them, my bad, I deserve to die.

If I see them coming and I have no way to put up a fight? Less okay.

Flaks having more range but still way less then primaries would be a good start, maybe increase vettes hitboxes too.

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I will just point out that main problem with corvette is matchmaking system. Most veteran matches will include t2~t3 players, who are still inexperienced, become victim to corvettes. Corvettes aren't that much of problem in 'expert' games.

At that point wonderling, you might want to just stay in legendary. In veteran you face Tier 3 and 4's which can if organized be a problem to even the most experienced vet player. Personally I think taking a tier 2 to a veteran match is akin to taking a knife to a gun fight. I used to think corvettes were overpowered and now I just think very few people understand the counters to the corvettes and fewer people play them.

Odin. ]

You're assuming they join veteran matches on purpose, a lot of new players don't know to keep a tier I in their Recruit fleets to avoid ending up in a Veteran match due to matchmaking.

The main gun on the Furia does no have the same firing angle or incline as it's Siege Mode weapon.

So for example the Furia can shoot someone slightly bellow them with it's main guns (which are turrets fitted in the middle of the hull) but it will miss with the Siege Mode rail cannon that is most of the length of the ship and as such doesn't have the same firing angle and will over shoot the same target.

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I like my sniper ships and my siege mode worked well, but now.... I aim to the enemy, activate the mode and my guns stop moving and look to a complete other position.... can't move them.

And no i didn't moved them to that position...

What is that?... it really annoying me, because it is a heavy dmg boost, and I need it...]

Let me guess this is an issue on the Furia correct?

While it's main gun has 360 degrees the Siege Mode is forward firing only, meaning that to use properly the front of your ship needs to be pointing towards where you plan to shoot.