basically the game needs to be rebalanced as a whole...healing included...

nerfing and buff are the two sides to rebalance, if you dont know what you are doing, you can break other things. rebalancing a game is very normal. saying nerfing is bad is just bs.

you should stop whining because the devs are going to nerf heals. you are just afraid you will not be able to play as well. I just cannot believe you can stand here and argue against action taken against healing.

Basically what this translates to is that I need to be the most OP ship in the game for me to enjoy and learn it. If i dont have the most OP ship in the game Im not going to be playing the game.

Healers in this game is beyond ridiculous, you will not find another game with any bs healers remotely close to this. The game is will be much better without them.

Please dont just blindly follow the standard formula for any MOBA with dps, tank, support/healers.

LYB-DeathToll007#8196 posted (#post-217945) said:

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This game is not "amazing". It is the only multiplayer game you get to play with large spaceships. In terms of graphics, the user interface, controls, tech tree, skills, progress quests, this game is absoultely not amazing by any means. It uses the same system like world of warships and starconflict but with poorer quality.

It is incredibly easy to see how healers are completely overpowered, imbalanced and completely wreck the game. It is not a whiner talk, its plain to see. I would much rather see it completely removed from the game. The fact that healers in this state is even in the game tells much about the developer's design skills. How many years has this game been in development and its still in beta? you kidding me? I like spaceship battles games, I dont mind people advocating it but I dont like to see people making complete bs.

Perhaps the real whiner here is you.

i didnt even know the game was open until today when kotaku ran an article on

I guess I shouldnt be too surprised space games arent popular but there's really nothing else out there that I would rather play. even if I have to put up with lag and be bashed to death both in gameplay and verbally...