I can't believe they still haven't fixed the particle beam secondary...
It's been a year since they told me personally they were going to fix it.
It's been two years since the issue was first brought up.
Grinding for stuff that doesn't work ran all your players off and you still haven't worked it out.

^ Thinks us asking for the game to be fixed is incredibly toxic lmao. Listen I'm sorry (not) your dev team is

"nosed down" into fixing this game but producing unsatisfactory results, but it is what it is. Go give Yager a call if you can't handle it.

^ You can "chime" in all you want but you should get to proving it before all your players say peace.

^ Why do we need to sympathize with them like yourself? Why can't we just push them to fix the game?

All this nicknackpaddywack is about pushing devs to fix their game, and all I see you as is a obstacle for that goal.

Oh okay, they don't respond to the official forum but chat it up on discord.

Same old people to the rescue of the devs... You guys don't get tired doing the devs job?

^ Nose in the chocolate starfish? I'm talking to the devs not you.

Uninstalled when I found out they weren't planning to fix the broken T4 modules that you have to spend hours grinding for just to find out its broken.

Wait till they fix the game before you invest.