Had the same issue myself

I'm finding that when I try turn off power being delegated to engines, shields or weapons that I am unable to do so via the touch pad. It nearly always ends up continuing to drain my power until it's out...

Noticed a lot of lag last night,

I found issues like:

  • Game would crash sponataneously

  • Shots with an artillery cruiser were being registered but not achieving any damage.

  • My destroyers repeater cannons continually fired even during reloading.

  • I would go from being fine, to then have all my armour disappear in a second by an assault by a corvette ( they can have some wallop, but that kind iof destruction was silly)

  • I would launch missiles, but nothing would actually launch. It would they carry on as if I had...

  • A few audio breakups and cracking.

Pretty frsutrating stuff, especially when it cna take an age to find a new match and when It eats up my elite status..

The mapping for this on the trackpad is pretty bad. Finding i'm either mashing it a lot trying to dedicate power to shields but actually sending out Socials to my team. Maybe a change in location for this?

One thing which may be cool, would be to add first person view. Maybe not for the larger vessels but for the smaller attack craft?