Same, had 700 xp on my invictus only to get nothing from the match I just played.

Second round I did get some xp somewhere in the range of 2000, that does not even seem right if I came in dead last on the losing side (was on the winning side).

I want to start ranting but I will let it pass, however no more dreadnought until this gets fixed. Not going to waste time just to get slapped in the face.

There is no doubt that once the game goes live and they get more advertisement going its going to see a increase in the player pool. But surely at this point and seeing the roadmap they put out it shows that player retention is a issue.

So hopefully the ideas they are going to put in place will solve this issue. I am pretty sure many of us have seen new players especially streamers going from being very enthusiastic to down right salty in the span of a few days.

With first impressions being kinda important, look what happened to a game like no man sky. It was huge and yes I know it was overhyped, but even though hello games have sticked with their guns and released some good content patches. It has failed to draw in the people that left it.

Raging#5940 posted (#post-167657)

Goto Discord !role Legendary and wait till somone pings. Currently only SOS and someother clans/groups people play leg, it isnt dead its just timezones. Also the good old we dont have many t5s yet excuse works also. Wouldnt even advise going in with a t4 into leg since dreads run heavy Missile Salvos that will kill t4s instantly

But the point should be not to have to rely on discord to get legendary going. Especially after months of having it, which simply means that to many people are not getting to T5 ships. Especially now with the maintenance lifted even if you are at a disadvantage with T4 ships if everybody also used their T4's to play in legendary more games would become available.

For now I cannot imagine the T4's being worse off against T5's then T3's are in veteran matches.

Oke so I played a bit again after a few months of hiatus since I pretty much seen it and the game was in such a state I could no longer deal with it.

Now the reason for legendary being broken a few months ago was maintenance since there really was no point in even doing it. But these new changes gave a me a glimmer of hope to actually start getting my T5 ships, but after queuing up for legendary and just sitting there for 15 minutes it does not seem to be the case anything has changed although now there is no real strike against players playing in it.

So whats going on, the one thing I noticed is that I am missing a lot of veteran players I saw in games. Granted I have seen a couple but a few months ago I would constantly come up against large chunks of them. So either the player pool has increased (which would be a good thing) or many of the vets are also on a break. I know many from back then and probably more people have gotten to T5 ships by now heck one could just throw in T4 ships jump into legendary and just keep switching between veteran and legendary fleet matches. So unless I am missing a mechanic that does not allow this it would seem that would be the way to earn xp and credits fastest. Even if you lose now its not going to be a hit in your wallet like it used to.... Right ?

So if my assumptions I just mentioned are true the only thing I can conclude is that many people that actually have T5 ships either quit and the one's remaining are simply not queuing up because it takes to long and to make matters worse people are not getting into T5 ships. Which would mean they are quitting before they even get to that point. Which raises the question about the grind in dreadnought, which with elite status is not as bad as one might think. However this does pretty much require one to come in the top 3 be it either losing or winning team consistently to make decent progress.

I manged to get pretty much 9 TIV ships fully researched with 141 Hours of battle time and many almost nearing the XP unlock for their T5 counterpart. Now 141 hours does not seem long considering people tend to play certain games for far more. But I somehow manage to get top spot in many of my matches so I take home the jackpot on many of them. But others are not that fortunate so it must be painful for those having a more casual play style and less hours to put into the game. Now I have seen the roadmap and the grind is actually stated there to be looked at.

I kinda almost spitted my coffee out when reading that.... Good thing many of alpha and closed beta players were not saying that was a thing that needed to be looked at before even coming up with the whole tier progression. I am glad they are taking a look at it, I am not having that much trouble progressing through dreadnought but the game can become a bit reparative at times and when you're not making a lot of progress because people are not scoring high, then its those people that need a boost in some way. Anyway I really hope all these announced changes are not coming a bit to late. Many people have tried DN already and taken off for whatever reason and getting players like that back might be a bit hard.

Many have been saying things like this for months now and all we are getting is ... We know and something will be coming soon.

I am pretty sure many can come up with quick fixes that could be applied until something more permanent can be introduced that pleases all parties. So either accept the way it is now because if they really wanted to change it, it would be done by now.

The issue is that there are people that get around it and are swimming in credits by playing alot and by just beating the living daylight out of newer players. Probably not because they want to, but its just the way the game is currently setup. Older veteran players and players that have the patience to get to the higher tiers will simply be forced into matches with those far below them in terms of equipment and experience and thus will gain more credits then they will ever need.

Which means you have 3 options, persevere the flawed and unfair system. Buy credits and elite status and do what they really want you to do to get on top of the food chain and beat new players in submission. Or just stop playing and hope someday it will all get better.

Sardekar#3716 posted (#post-118970)

I feel like I should change this to my sig....

It's a beta. Population isn't there yet to support MM working as intended. This is normal.

In a post-release game, if there's still a problem, then they need to figure it out, advertise, get new players, etc, but it's still beta, it's got some bugs, not everyone can even play yet, some people are taking breaks until final release, etc.

You can only expect a certain level of smoothness from a beta test, that's why it's a beta test.

Please stop with the "Its a beta excuse" beta's in general of any game are pretty well polished games by the time they hit beta. DN should never have left the alpha stage of testing, the list of bugs is growing to stupid levels at this point. Some of these issues have been in since the alpha stage and some have come into play not to long ago even though the mechanic they are linked to were working just fine.

Queue times are longer then they would be in a live game yes... But they have been frustratingly getting longer and this is not due to the fact there is lower pop... Its because the low population is actually getting smaller which is the result of people not liking the decisions that are being made. Closed beta wait times would be around a minute... I am now seeing wait times hitting 5 minutes at minimum and going up over 10, point is DN is not even close to being ready we all know it. Which is a thought that should be reserved for alpha testing. Point being if your beta community is already leaving then your doing things wrong plain and simple.

Its because a certain percentage of people will spend truckloads of money for certain things. Enough to make a game free to play for other players. When you play a free to play game one should always go in with the thought its not really free and usually spending money makes the game better.

So I always agree with things like elite status or however a game wants to call it. Since its pretty much the same as a monthly subscription. But the rest of it can either be bad or good, look at games like lol, dota, warframe and planetside for example. Even when you play those games for free you will never feel forced to buy anything. Not to mention that the real expensive parts are in cosmetics. Now that's something I could live with and spend a bit more on. This system dreadnought has just tries waaaaay to hard to squeeze money out of players pockets in my opinion.

That's not for me to say, however he has the opportunity to sink hours into gaming.

Warbreaker#9667 posted (#post-118133)

Normandy_SR3#6697 posted (#post-118089)

I buy Elite regularly. Actually, I've probably been on Elite ever since I began grinding.

Having elite is a requirement for the likes of World of Warships/Tanks and this game, it would be impossible to progress without it, these types of eco systems are designed for that.

I usually get elite/premium for 90 days since the start, 90 days is usually the life spawn of my fever for any game, then quit for months and comeback another 60 to 90 days.

That's not entirely true, atleast not for dreadnought. I will agree that having elite status makes the game a good deal better and I would probably never play without it. But a buddy of mine is level 50 and has multiple T4 ships and he never spend a dime on the game.

However its almost impossible if you can only play a couple of hours a day, and that's where a system like this is aimed at. Those who can only play it casually are forced into spending money.

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