Recently there were faction specific coatings introduced. They were in the shop for maybe a week? I looked today and they were gone.

So Is there an official policy of "too bad for those of you who get paid every two weeks or overthink your purchases"? I am into this game for $170 us atm. I spent that in my 1st week and a half. Also I am in favor returning previous coatings since I am a relative newcomer.

I have no problem spending money but I DO have a problem being rushed. If you want to stop me from spending cash in your free game, please continue on this way. I can spend it with a different game.

You might as well add an option for gifting market purchases to other players as well. What? In my world people give gifts! If there can be twitch drops there can be gifts from the market.

Sorry to seem pushy but life is short.

Thanks in advance


I am new to this game and after a few battles (6-10) I did fairly well. I played destroyes mostly I think. Then I found Tactical CA. That is the ship for me. The tech tree indicates you can go from Cerberes to either Furia or to the Orcas I think it was called. I was able to spend the .. whatever the points are called, on the Furia but not the Orcas. When I inquired in chat the answer I got was that the devs are trying to encourage play across all classes which sounds like a dev thing to do though I don't think they are correct in chat. Cerberus was fully researched. Can anyone tell me why I cannot activate and claim the Orcas?