This... this exactly.

Hey guys, loving the game but looking for some more structured gameplay (everyone gets over pugs at some point right).

I'm normally on between about 7-12pm Aus EST, if anyone is looking for another squad member let me know smile

Oh I don't underestimate the mobility of an Aion, trust me. However I also know not to underestimate how mobile a Koshei can be when they want to (looking at custom Kosheis here, not a Kali). A halfway decent Kosh can be mobile enough to avoid a lot of dicey situations and just tough enough to withstand the rest.

Also, the point about destroyers is good... however if you're in an even halfway decent team the same destro normally won't get too much of a chance, best outcome in most circumstances would be a trade. The point is to fix the issue with those groups who dread pad and either sit in cover forever or roam the field with nigh impunity because of the Kosh outhealing coordinated fire from a full team.

Teams full of new players, etc. are an obvious exception to this rule. However this is looking at big picture (i.e game is still in beta, once it goes live organised groups will be much more common).

Right now the only issue with healing is that the Koshei's healing output and armor make it the obvious go to option for most teams who have access to it. While yes, good corvs can still take one down, against a well organised team that's highly improbable (not to mention the skill of the healer playing into this).

The fix? Simply give the heavy repair beams to the Aion, and the medium beam turrets to the Koshei... easy fixed. This means that a good Aion captain with a good team can still dominate, however the healer is vulnerable enough to corvs and artys that it's not an overpowered combination. On the flip side, they can use a Koshei and be able to rely on the higher armor and defensive ability of the turrets to survive assaults from artys or corvs, but give up the high repair capacity in exchange.


(As an aside, Destroyers are balanced this way, why aren't the Tac Cruisers?)