SupernovaSymphony#1211 posted (#post-226854) said:

Heya. So I know this is a touchy subject in general, but it is something I wanted to discuss.

I like htis game, I would like to support it. I'm happy to shell out a bit of money here and there to support free to play games.

But the prices for the T4 ships are unreasonable. I have had friends and allies say there cant afford to buy these things at all due to the price.

Being in New Zealand, the t4 ships are not only unviable in combat compared to their free variants, but they are an entire weeks wroth oof food money for me.

Dropping 36 dollars just for a shipkit is gartuitous. Of course, this is just opnion, and one I share with many.

I wanna spend money on this game, I really do, but those t4 ships are just too much. Too much for a shipkit.

As the sixfoot company has ran into financial issues they had to lay off a third of their development team

Maybe they will have to drop the prices so people start actually buying things at the market.

They have said multiple times that as long as they dont have financial issiues the prices wont be changed.

The neraid isnt all that bad in my opinion. The loadout is exactly how i like to play this ship class and the cosmetics look good.

My thoughts on this are quite similar.
I was having absolutely no problems with the old Hangar and UI. The UI was tricky sometimes but a few tweaks would have done the job. Also the old design just felt way more fitting because it wasnt as clean as the new one. Even performance-wise the old one ran almost flawlessly while the new one struggles when turning the camera.

I liked the new sounds when they got teased on twitter and on the homepage but some are just ridiculously loud and unfitting (afterburner) and some are just underwhelmingly silent.

In my opinion this game shouldnt have been released on steam in its current state...

Letting only us, the small dreadnought community test this, give our feedback and then release a more polished, fixed and just better version of the game in like 2 months would have been the right thing to do.

There is still a lot of room for improvement hopefully it can be fixed in time before its to late.

Microsoft Word#6397 posted (#post-226264) said:

well i can see a few things to come along with this, first one being faster match making yes but with faster match making i foresee a lot of little kids also swarming the matches having no clue about tactics or what ships to use witch will result in a lot of loses. the third thing being is buying items with IRL cash. to those of you who do like to guy points to unlock gear faster just to be the best well have fun with increased prices. cause steam takes a % of profits

what yall think what are the + and - of bringing it to steam.

why should faster matchmaking attract little kids ? I dont think this will get hyped like fortnite.
Most people that are using steam and playing games like dreadnought are probably at least young adults.

Even if "little kids" would come to dreadnought the matchmaker should distribute them equally amongst the your and your enemy team in most of the cases.

On stream they said, that prices will be lowered because they expect more potential buyers coming with steam. Increasing the prices even more would hurt the company.

MajorGG#0735 posted (#post-225975) said:

The game design in this game is a joke tbh. There's a apparently a missile that does 20k dmg with a t3 ship having 16k hp. Great logic.

20k damage with one missile can only be done with a tier 4 goliath torpedo. It has low range and bad tracking therefore you can evade it by just activating your shields or moving away from it quickly.

comandermatt#1979 posted (#post-225834) said:

dosent endurance mode mullteply your health by two the healing is negligeble

Endurance mode leaves you on the hitpoints you have right now but boosts the amount of hitpoints you could maximaly have for one minute.

This means a jutland with 80000 hp, which activates endurance mode could possibly have 160000 hp, if a tac would heal him. But the moment the module gets activated it will still have 80k hp (+200hp reg/sec)

I'm sorry i havent mensioned desperate measures but i think this OB is just gamebreaking. Although i have unlocked it, i dont use it on any ship because it is by far the strongest OB. (Especially on corvettes and fast destroyers)

I really hope they change it with steam launch.

comandermatt#1979 posted (#post-225710) said:

storm misiles need a buff in cooldown (cooldown so that its not just a worse version of (tempest?)

If you mean the tier 3 version i have to agree. It is indeed outclassed by the tempest missiles. But the tier 4 version is quite a strong module, as you can tell from its popularity. If you have module amper the damage gets boosted to something like 35k which oneshots quite a few ships. In combination with module recycler your cooldowns get lowered again if you kill someone with them...

Enterprise_NC1701#2026 posted (#post-225461) said:

Yes, I thought that a line of sight to the Enemy would be necessary, for example when deploying Jets. How would you like it? Because I could not really figure it out while reading your reply. If Carriers do not need a line of sight, they could just camp behind a rock and spam Jets.

And I mean, you still have shields, so you could deal with those Jets. You just have to be aware, and they could be tagged, if they don't have this cloak feature.

So the playstyle would be more like a artillery cruiser. If you camp alone at the back you die and if you go to the frontline you die...

Still unsure about the balancing ( especially legendary matches ), but if you need line of sight to attack it seems ok to me. I just dont like getting shot without beeing able to shoot back.

I guess i didnt read your other posts but in your first post you mentioned the guns beeing not so big and the armor beeing not that thick.

Also the thing with the jets beeing treated like missiles doesnt seem balanced because people without anti missile modules would be completely helpless.

Could you explain the thing with the perspective ? Do you need line of sight to target enemy ships or not ? This would change things completely for me since you could take cover more easily. If this happens to be true i would maybe tolerate them, although the game would have to be reballanced, if they were to add carriers in the future.