Most of the players on the corvettes are weak enough, but if the modules and briefings are correctly selected, no one has a chance, the DPS is huge and such a player is easily able to disassemble any ship, even standing in one place, regardless of anything, and such a battle will be lasts no more than 10 seconds. So yes - something in the corvettes must be changed very much.

In an hour those of you who remain alive will envy the dead. Dreadnought game:

Play solo against squads, break the rules - win).

And if it's serious, of course it's hard to play with random teams against the command, and the balance sheet in such cases balances stupidly on winrate, or even the average number of points. And you get the team and the guys with winrate are less than 1.0....

But I can not say that right now, always without a chance and always this defeat).

The question is who exactly did you kill in your suicide raid, if you took the heal ...)

It is quite real that with the current typical choice of modules for such ships, you have broken the course of the battle for the next 2 minutes.

Also, this module is great for "eating" who flying from the spawn, the artillery cruisers and etc.

It's okay, but the fact that the sight ignores the various pods and does not allow them to shoot without completely over skill aiming on the trajectory of the projectiles that's yes, the problem.

Officers briefing reinforced increase HP up to 10%, but twice slows cooldown of abilities - useless).

Broadsides what fairing 900m radius is no playable too short radius too poor damage, tractorbeam on dred too weak, light ships fly away without any trouble.

Nerf range air defense (including Flack guns) looks illogical, reducing the radius of attacks from 1200 to 900 meters makes it the weapon useless. Vessels rarely are so close, I would have even increased range to 1500.

Look at other games F2P, pay only the premium cosmetics and ships / tanks / plains. P2W model is really terrible.

In fact, the game has a similar level of customization, but it is achieved by selecting a ship, stronger, but slower or faster, but less than XP, such as dreadnought very well seen. I propose to enter more settings. In fact, I believe that such parameters as the shield generator, reactors and engines.

In addition FPS games and similar games class advanced damage model, tanks of wargaiming or gaijin. I do not propose to make the model so complex, just a highlight on the model more sensitive and more armored areas, as well as the influence of the foreign setting - for example, currently premiumnyh courts. If the engines covered superstructure, the result will be a decrease in their power.