Perhaps SixFoot isn't confident enough

This whole thing is worringly too similiar to what I had in my life.

And I've ended with the episode of depression, numbed positive emotions (even laugh feels empty to me), lack of real friends and occasional suicide thought, when I'm treated as a trash.

And yes, I'm going through therapy at alienist (lul archaic term). Also tried to boost myself with drugs prescribed by the doctor, but... Let's just say that you want to launch module, and instead you have a malfunction resulting in malus instead of bonus you've expected. In my case, it was hypersomnia. Nasty thing...

Vascilios#9709 posted (#post-225022) said:

I just read that the sequel to Rebel Galaxy will be coming out early next year. Normally, a game coming out is nothing of note, but, I have been noticing a trend that is surfacing. Space combat/sim games are becoming more popular and prevalent. Has anyone else noticed this? If so, does it excite you as it does me?

I'm excited as well.
It's a resurrection of my favourite sub-genre of the sci-fi - ever!

Also I've played original Rebel Galaxy, but atm I'm pausing. Deep Horizon Heavy Hauler, mostly T3-T4 hardware. Aiming at McKinley Cruiser with T5 + T6 defense and warp modules.

How I see it?

Fractured Space = Space MOBA with Spaceships

Dreadnought = Space World of Tanks / World of Warships hybrid

And that's enough.

Dasketh#9926 posted (#post-222674) said:

Widzę że kolega z ED się pojawił, chyba że się mylę bo nick taki sam

Ano ten sam, widząc też kolegę z ED

Proszę bardzo:

Jedna uwaga - na czas napisania tego posta jestem tam sam póki co.

Chcecie żebym postawił serwer?

BujdyNaResorach#9912 posted (#post-222175) said:

polska społeczność Dreadnought nie istnieje mimo usulnych prób jej stworzenia

Choroba. No szkoda, bo dziś właśnie DEV się ze mną skontaktował w sprawie uruchomienia oficjalnego tłumaczenia gry z Angielskiego na Polski :/

1) Thanks. Just saw the Steam page.Can't wait to play there, and I hope we wouldn't forced to use Steam-based accounts (I know that it's the case for World of Warships and Armored Warfare).

2) Thanks for being straightforward. I remember that I've got a free coating (black-green I assume) around December/January (I think, because it was a while), when I tried to show Dreadnough to my buddy, bu he doesn't like space sci-fi, like me not liking fantasy genre

3) Yes, I've readed the reply in bug thread. It seems that Steam web link (leading to Dreadnought's page) could trigger the error.

Anyway I'm feeling quite sad because of lost opportunities.

And I can't get accustomed to the e-mail-styled quoting in this forum