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I looked at both what the game show and what the most recent datamine document shows and the numbers are not the same.

Datamine link

Here's what I've found about the Palos weapons.

Palos Weapons

The datamine shows way more numbers than just DPS. And my best guess would be to follow those numbers that the in-game numbers of the tech tree. But, yeah, its still hard to know which data is the most accurate.

Thanks I'll keep that in mind. We really shouldn't have to be relying on community datamining to get the actual values of the various weapons in game. the developer really needs to step up and input the correct values if the dataminer is correct.

Thankfully I'm just about done with getting all the tech upgrades for the Palos so I won't have to use it for much longer. It's a fun ship when you play it like a corvette running around the backlines and harrassing, but definitely lacks in healing capability if you try to play it as a healer role.

So I started working my way through the tech tree upgrades for the Palos tactical crusier and I find myself a bit confused. Why are there even any secondary weapons on it? The primary weapon is, according to the numbers listed in game, better in all aspects in terms of damage and range. Is this a bug, or simply bad design? Here are the ship weapon stats as listed in game currently:

Tier: 3
Ship: Palos

Primary Weapon: Heavy Beam Turrets 3
Beam Type: Damage
Average DPS:

0-1200M = 4800
1201-2400M = 2540
2401-3400M = 2540
3401-5000M = 1860

Secondary Weapon: Tesla Turrets 2 (comes with ship)
Beam Damage: Damage
Average DPS:

0-700M = 3000

Secondary Weapon: Tesla Turrets 3
Beam Damage: Damage
Average DPS:

0-700M = 3400

Secondary Weapon: Light Machine Guns 3
Average DPS:

0-1200M = 1440
1201-2400M = 1000
2401-5000M = 720
Rate of Fire (Shots/Min) = 240
Clip Size (Shots) = 20
Reload Time (Seconds) = 2.5

As you can see, given the Heavy Beam Turrets 3 not only outranges the Tesla Turrets but ALSO our damages them there is ZERO reason reason to use them. The only comparable benefit the Tesla Turrets provide are that they are also beam weapons. With the Light Machine Guns, you get the comparable range of the Heavy Beam Turrets, but you have significantly lower daamge AND a reload time.

Now, I know the Palos is the weakest of being a true healer as it doesn't have the abiltiy to output nearly the numbers for healing as it's counter-parts, but why bother giving it secondary weaposn if they don't serve any beneficial purpose?

Hi there,

I was attempting to purcahse a couple of the Hero Ships that are currently on sale. However, when I attempt to purchase GP it attempts to process the transaction for a moment, then pop up windows appears with the message:

"Pruchase failed. We are unable to open the Steam Overlay, this could be due to having it disabled for Dreadnought in Steam, running video capture software, or other issues. Please close Dreadnought and its Launcher, check your settings and relaunch from Steam. Please contact customer service if this issue persists."

I put a ticket in with customer service ticket in on Friday and haven't heard back from them. I posted on the Steam forums on a thread from last year where someone else was having this issue, but no answer on whether if or how it was fixed. Has anyone else had this issue and gotten a fix for it?


Here are the fixes I've tried:

  • Launch steam as an administrator

  • Launch dreadnought launcher as an administrator

  • Verify contents of steam cache

  • Verified that the steam overlay is in fact enabled for dreadnought

  • Graphics drivers are updated