Okay I've read all three of your comments, yes I do understand this game is in "BETA" hence why I wrote my review because something could actually be fixed, now the thing I don't think you understand is when I say one shot corvette machine, I really mean that even with shields this bloke was one shotting everyone on our team it was silly.

To be 100% with you the maps are pretty mediocre, we're playing a space game with big ships on a relatively small maps. the only map that actually had some merit was the space map, the rest are garbage. (We're basically flying around in Space Battleships in an urban styled map...)

oh and that bug I was complaining about should have been addressed in Alpha/Pre-Alpha, it shouldn't be an issue at any point in the game since its a vital function to actually playing the game...

In closing, I might come back and give this game a second look after release. When or if they hash out the bugs and make the game more enjoyable at the moment its just bland and boring. :/ "Just saying it, how it is."

Hello, I recently just got access to the beta so I've been playing the game all morning "After all night download" and to be honest, I am disappointed. This game looked incredibly good but when you actually get down to playing the game its just ugh another crappy space game...

How this game could be improved?

Well many things, corvettes shouldn't one shot any ship from full health, that's just stupid. ("Which ever dev decided that decision should be fired.")

A really annoying bug, when you die sometimes your camera will lock in place at the angle you died. it's super annoying.

In closing, the game looks really nice and is exciting at first. Then after 30 minutes of playing its like, I'm bored its the same map same ships doing the exact same things. :/