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If you're playing Veteran, don't use a Tier II. You will get stomped. Play Recruit until you have a Tier III. That will give you a fighting chance as you now have access to Officer Briefings.

PS4 still has the "feature" of pulling people who queue for Recruit into Vet matches. The only way to avoid this is by leaving one T1 ship in your Recruit fleet.

^ I tell everyone new to the game exactly this. I see a lot of new faces only once or twice and then they quit. Pretty soon T2s will be removed from the Veteran queue.

Nope, they covered this in the stream on Wednesday. Contracts and Trophies as well as KDA and everything like that are unaffected (if I'm recalling correctly)

I noticed tracking is SLOWER when you roll over everyone. Like your crosshair will be a set speed, slow down significantly when aiming over someone and then resume to the previous speed.

On a sidenote, Dreadnought shouldn't be only about winning. I'm guilty of leaving a few matches myself not because of losing, but because a team is doing 5 players solo-runs and that's frustrating. The game is team based. It's TACTICAL combat. Even a 4v5 can be won if the team works together and it's happened so many times in the past.

The PS4 community is small, I get it. We all form our squads and teams, sure we explore around but we stick to our teams. TDM is PvP, the whole game is PvP based, and I get it. People are bound to get upset under certain circumstances. But there's a limit to how far a grudge and stream sniping should go. If you feel like stream sniping, by all means, have at it. Say a quick hello, drop a "stream sniper confirmed". It's fun to encounter new faces. But if you hold a grudge AND you're stream sniping, I'm sorry, but you're part of the problem.

The community is small already (I know I just said this but it's a constant reminder) so when you encounter the same people over and over again, it gets a little boring, it gets a little overwhelming to meet the bar that's been set so high, and it becomes a problem later on. There's no issue with squadding up 3 people in a party and only those three end up on the same team. If there should happen to be others in the party, the best thing to do is wait until those three are in a match, and then queue for your own.

I've been a witness to this tonight. I'm part of a team here on PS4, and right now I'm going to sleep a little ticked off. We were going up against the same 4 people over and over again and it just got annoying. Not because it's a win/loss/loss thing, no. Because it's not fun, and these players always encounter us during stream times. We were doing TDM all day twice this week, never encountered them UNTIL we started playing on stream.

At one point, we knew who was who, because we had a guy on "their" team drop from our random matchmade team immediately after seeing the scoreboard. I did get a clipping of it, and honestly that's not how the game should be played. Soon after, I got pulled into the drama, and I tried playing it off like I didn't know anything. It felt wrong to not stick up for the person I highly respect. TDM is grounds for drama, it revolves around tactics, skill, wits and cunning. It's bound to get heated. But to the point where people have to stream snipe while holding a grudge is wrong, and it only enhances the problem of how small and tight-knit the DN community on PS4 already is.

Squads are meant to be in 3s for the simple fact that having a party of 5 on the same team (and it CAN be done so you all end up on the same team) takes the experience away from the team you're about to face.

Hold your grudges, people. Don't let it take away from the experience of those around you and those wanting to get into the game.

Grinding to Tier 5 is near impossible and there's guys in LYB that have ALL of the tier 5 ships fully researched.

There's a bunch of things I have to mention here, and it starts with Module uses.

A lot of times I have to press one of the face buttons several times before I get a Module off, and after that, I have to wait a solid second and a half before I can use another one. This hurts. It really hurts the gameplay, it's starting to feel clunky in some spots. Like using Disruptor Pulse to Torpedo Salvo, I have to wait almost 2 seconds before using Torpedo Salvo and when I do I'm already way behind my target.

The Energy Wheel, I'm not sure what happened here but it feels somehow worse. I have to swipe across the WHOLE touchpad for a 50/50 chance at getting it where i want. I've switched controllers (I have three different ones, and the best one is my wired HORI pad) and nothing seems to work. A lot of times before this update, I'll have my finger hovering over the touchpad (as usual) and I'll be ready to swipe as needed on reflex. For this update, if my finger slips off the right stick and so much as grazes the touch pad (which has happened several times) my Energy goes to Neutral and it gets me killed. Too many times I've tried setting Energy to Weapons and it keeps going to neutral.

For Modules, I noticed that Disruptor Pulse DOESN'T interrupt or cancel Weaponbooster or Armorbooster pulses. That, and Disruptor Pulse still allows some ships to use certain modules, like torpedos or even rare Armor Amplifier.

Also, I joined a match, it was me and JonesDewayne, all of us are pretty decently ranked. Against a team fully comprised of fresh faces who are using Hero Ships. Granted the Hero Ships are Tier IVs, it doesn't make sense to throw them into the Dragon's Den like that. On a sidenote, we queued into a match that was legitimately a 5v3. We're all in a party, there's 6 of us. 4 of us got on the same team, one wasn't queueing for a match, the other ended up on the opposite team with two other players.

Other than those things, the update feels a little better. The Dola needs a bit of an accuracy tune UP still (At least I think so.)

Yep I've been using Disruptor Pulse on Armorboosting and Weaponboosting. I don't know why, but this is recent where it can't be interrupted. It's extremely annoying.

I had a ton of fun doing this. I started working on this about........12 hours ago? The idea belongs to GrimmHammer, planting the seed, and watching it grow. On to business then.

You know the meta. Corvettes that dominate the field are almost always Jupiter Arms corvettes. Overrated, overused, no-skill ships (kappa). I decided to try and break the meta. You know you're successful when you can chase down a Valcour and chase away a Medusa. I present....

THE NEW META!!!!!!!! The ImmelAmp Stribog!