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Once again, in a 4v5 only this time, we started off evenly in 5v5. I'm not even sure why this happens, whether people leave or crash. Still, Stribog going into Overdrive is legit.

I don't know whether our guy crashed or just straight up left the lobby before the match started, but that set me on a bit of a tilt. Game chat was a little spotty, so I just unplugged my headset and decided, y'know what, I'm just gonna go all in, hold nothing back. This could have easily been a loss had I played the way I normally do, objectively with MAYBE a max of 4-6 ships destroyed.

Needless to say, I didn't expect to, 1, do this extremely well, 2, to end up winning this match. Hope you guys enjoy.

I can confirm DN on PS4 does have Keyboard support, but no mouse support. Will this ever be possible in the future? (I couldn't get the question out in the stream, yal move too fast lol)

Battlegroup Valkyrie is STILL open to new and seasoned pilots! Check out our media!

[BGV] still looking to recruit pilots for both PC and PS4! Feel free to check out our discord and FaceBook both in the description in my signature!

Would you rather:

Longer queue times?


Have bots take over majority of the lobby?

Personally, I'd rather deal with longer queue times instead of coming out of a match where both teams each have 3 bots, it basically becomes a 2v2 between players with bots being the freebies since all they do (unless they respawn in T4) is stand there and take all the damage you dish out at them. I miss having to wait a long time for longer and smarter matches, instead of waiting a max of 2-3 minutes only to see, oh, our team has a new player using the Hactar, and three bots, against two rank 50s, in tier 4s, with three other bots who will most likely go into T4 upon respawning.

It's very anti-fun, it's been happening more and more. I still enjoy the game quite a bit. But that enjoyment isn't a "fun" factor for me. It's being able to have free-reign on what you can do in a ship. You control 100% of what your ship does, you control 100% of what happens. I enjoy that.

I don't, however, enjoy having to pour my heart out and pour the best of my ability into a match, to come out on top of the whole lobby, only to end up in a loss because of AI that don't think like players do. If matchmaking has to take upwards of 30 minutes, so be it. I would rather wait a half hour than win or lose by going after bots who don't think like players do.

Pyrael_X#5597 posted (#post-181094) said:

I'm in the US, and I need a clan to help with the contest ending Dec 24th.

Message me in PS4 and don't delay! Ichibon!!!

Well, while there are no "clans" in Dreadnought, I'd be very happy to invite you to ours. We have quite a bit of PS4 players coming in frequently. We use discord to communicate mostly and one of our top guys is a semi-known streamer for the game.

Founder's Pack was pre-aunch dates. Game's officially launched, there's no more Founder's Packs to be purchased. They ARE doing a giveaway of the Mercenary Pack, which was one of two Founder's Packs during the open beta. All you have to do is take a team and play Havoc mode on PS4 and either take a screenshot of your team and wave reached screens, or take a video of the ending to show both your team and the farthest you reached.

If you're on PS4, I'll gladly run with ya! I run Stribog as a main focus (going for the Netron) but currently using the Vucari to unlock Murometz.

So, before this "official release", at least lobbies had a minimum of 8 players unless you were doing Proving Grounds. Minimum of 4 players on each team. Matches were much more fun, the game felt populated even though it wasn't that well known about, and matches were made with variety of players. Somewhat. Players on the other team would remain on the other team unless you were squadded up with them. Anyway.

After the official release, it feels the population disappeared. I'm seeing the same people, the same...I dunno...5-6 other people, and I'm only seeing, out of those 5-6 other people, only 3 in every match of Onslaught I've done so far. Every match of Onslaught I've done running solo has been, 2 players 3 AI vs 2 players 3 AI. Or, 3 players 2 AI vs 2 players 3 AI.

Where did everyone go? It feels like the only ones who stayed are the ones who grinded all the way to Legendary 5 and a few others who are almost there.